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Playlist for Dec 27,1 998


Frank Zappa "Intro" / "Peaches En Regalia" Swiss Cheese / Hot Rats
W/ Jliat (Excerpt) Hilbert's Hotel
W/ Irene Moon (Excerpts) Scientifically Speaking
Tim Hart & Maddy Prior "Sorry The Day I Was Married" Heart Of England : Legends Of British Folk
Martin Carthy "Famous Flowers Of Serving Men" (Ditto Above)
W/ Alan Licht & Loren Mazzacane-Connors "Wisdom Day" Hoffman Estates
Caetano Veloso "Dias, Dias, Dias / Volta" 7"
Tibor Szemzo "The Sex Appeal Of Death" The Conscience
London/Sklamberg/Caine "Eyli Ato" Nigunim
Suckdog "I Want To Die" Little Flowers Dying

The Nice "Dawn" The Immediate Story Vol. 1
Hp Lovecraft "At The Mountains Of Madness" Hp Lovecraft 2
Love "The Red Telephone" Forever Changes
Aphrodite's Child "Infinity" 666
Tomorrow "My White Bicycle" Tomorrow
Matmos "Sun On 5 At 152" The West
Fairport Convention "The Lobster" Fairport Convention
The Pretty Things "Death" Sf Sorrow
World Standard "Cowboys Don't Cry" Country Gazette
Lech Jankowski "Canone Non Infinitione" Institute Benjamenta Sdtk
? When Will You Come Again" Masterpieces Of Chinese Songs Of The 30's
Frequent Animation "Aureola's Area" (Personal Cassette)

Mr. Quark "Do You Really Know Mr. Quark?" 7"
Danielson "Thanks To Noah" Tri-Danielson (Omega)
Joe Meek "I Hear A New World" I Hear A New World
Ennio Morricone "Un Altro Mare" Mondo Morricone
Jenny Mae "David's Allergies" Don't Wait Up For Me
Kristin Hersh "Down In The Willow Garden" Murder, Misery & Goodnight
Salome "3 Am Cocktail" 7"
The Delgados "Failing & Landing" Domestiques
Should "It's Pull Is Slight" Feed Like Fishes
David Bagsby "The Penguin" Happy Hour For A Pack Of Monkeys
Beck "Nobody's Fault But My Own" Mutations
Roy Harper "Forbidden Fruit" Valentine
"Tonite...Satie" (See Playlist #1)

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