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Playlist for December 13th, 1998

I'm Going to Hell, Laura

The Boredoms "Super Going" Super Ar
Dr. Murray Banks (Excerpts) What You Can Learn From The Kinsey Report
W/ Raymond Scott "Little Miss Echo" Soothing Sounds For Baby
Julie Christy (Interview) Tonite, Let's All Make Love In London Sdtk
Gary Wilson "6.4 = Make Out" You Think You Really Know Me
Sopwith Camel "Frantic Desolation" Hello Hello
Casse Culver "Don't Put Her Down" Three Gypsies
Carole Etzler "Women Loving Women" Sometimes I Wish

Teletubbies "Dirty Knees" Teletubbies: The Album
Tom Glazer "Baby's Bath" Music For 1s & 2s
? "Shower Scene From Debbie Does Dallas" Sex-O-Rama
Danny Elfman/Bernard Herrmann (Excerpts) Psycho (1998) Sdtk
(More Teletubbies) 
The Pogues "Turkish Song Of The Damned" If I Should Fall From Grace With God
The John Huss Moderate Combo "Juan Campoverde" Lipchitz

The Who "I Can't Reach You" The Who Sell Out
The Donnas "Speeding Back To My Baby" 7"
Metallica "Crash Course In Brain Surgery" Garage Inc.
Klaatu "Sir Bodsworth Rubblesby Iii" Klaatu
Ween "The Rainbow" Chef Aid: The South Park Album
The Tiger Lillies "Fidgety Philip" Shockheaded Peter Sdtk
Venus In Furs "Ladytron" Velvet Goldmine Sdtk
Datblygu "Gazpacho" Libertino
Julian Cope "Know (Cut My Friend Down)" Jehovahkill

Snap On Voles "Powerhouse" Happy Hour For A Pack Of Screaming Monkeys
Super Furry Animals "Dim Brys, Dim Chwys" Triskedekaphilia Comp
Do May Say Think "Disco & Haze" Do May Say Think
Frank Zappa "Inca Roads" One Size Fits All
Britt Ekland / Paul Giovanni "Willow's Theme" The Wicker Man Sdtk

The New White Star Orchestra "Nola Instrumental" Songs From The Titanic Era
Gavin Bryars "The Sinking Of The Titanic" The Sinking Of The Titanic
The White Star Orchestra "Mon Couer Souvre A Ta Voix" Music As Heard On The Fateful Voyage
"Tonite...Satie" (See Playlist #1)

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