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Playlist for Nov 29, 1998

Delayed Maturation & A Premature Burial

Matmos "Sun On 5 At 152" The West
Bob Ostertag "?" Like A Melody, No Bitterness
Makigami Koichi / Anton Bruhin "Mojiri" Electric Eel
Family Of God "Take The Monsters" Atomic Little Thing
Runaway Weiner Dog "Gospel Of Gobi" Here Be Monsters 7"
Wazmo Nariz "Deeply" Things Aren't Right

Sylvie Courvoisier "Gugging" Ocre
Mr. Quark "Happy Birthday Julius" Enjoy Nuac-Mam With Mr. Quark 7"
Budgie "Young Is A World" Squawk
Vincent Price (Excerpts) Witchcraft & Magic - An Adventure In Demonology
W/ Convivium Stradella's "Sinfonia #22" Early Italian Violin Sonatas
Paul Harvey (Excerpts) The Uncommon Man
W/ Thistle (Excerpts) Thistle
W/ Experimental Audio Research (Excerpts) Datarape
Butterscott "Francine" Great Scott
Mr. Quark "Do You Really Know Mr. Quark?" (Ditto Above)
"Premature Burial"

Ensemble Convivencia "Le Roy Engloys Se Faisoit Appeler" Manuscrit De Bayeux
Apocalyptica "Harmageddon" Inquisition Symphony
"Midnight Strangler"
Paul Giovanni "Hum / Approach / Summer Is A'comin' In" Wicker Man Sdtk
"Find Your Balls"
Gustav Mahler / Uri Caine "The Drummer Boy, From The Boy's Magic Horn" Primal Light
Robert Wyatt "Free Will & Testament" Shleep...Fat Chance To Dream
The Tiger Lillies "Pretty Soon" The Brothel To The Cemetery
Beck "Nobody's Fault But My Own" Mutations
Bonnie Prince Billie "No Such As What I Want" 7"

Nico / Eno "The End" June 1st 1974
Bisk "Smooth-Skinned Woman" Ticklish Matters
Frequent Animation "Aureola's Area" (Personal Cassette)
Csny "Country Girl" Deja Vu
Boxhead Ensemble "Carolyn's Theme" The Last Place To Go
Butterscott "He Is Very Pretty" Great Scott
Mice Parade "My Workday In May" The True Meaning Of Boodleybaye
Kevin Ayers "Hymn" Bananamour
"Tonite...Satie" (See Playlist #1)

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