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Playlist for Oct 11, 1998

"Ho! Monkeyrena!"

Nurse With Wound "Subterranean Zappa Blues" 2nd Pirate Session
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci "Gwbwrdd Sadwrn" CD Single
Phlegm "Bulletproof Tit In The Gluepool / Metal Theatre Of Nits / Merrylands Dandruff Foundation" Mr. Hoo-Ha Visits The Non-Stop Pissing Circus
Hemorrhoy Rogers "King Henry Had A Nipple Shaped Like A Dinosaur / Hemorrhoy's Theme Song" Clippitty Klop Don't Rob Me
Nelson Riddle "Lolita Ya Ya" Lolita (1962) Soundtrack

Black Sabbath "Wicked World" Black Sabbath
Edith Frost "Walk On The Fire" Telescopic
Atsushi Tsuyama "Maca Damian" Starring As Henry The Human Horse
Prolapse "Slash / Oblique" The Italian Flag
N/A (Various Loops) (Personal Cassette)
Thinking Fellers Union "Electrocutioner" Eyesore - A Stab At The Residents
Tiger Lillies "Reap What You Sow" The Brothel To The Cemetary
Vas Deferens Organisation "Lazy-Eyed Locusts In Defocused Landscapes" Saturation
Gary Wilson "Cindy" You Think You Really Know Me

Einsturzende Neubauten The Garden" Ende Neu
Television Personalities "Love Changes Everything" Dont't Cry It's Only A Movie
Yeah Yeah Noh "Home-Ownersexual" Cutting The Heavenly Lawn Of Greatness...Last Rites For The God Of Love
Matthew Young "Werewolf" Traveller's Advisory
Saboten "Yummy, Homo, Yummy" How To Sex
Only A Mother "Homer" Damned Pretty Snout
Triakel "I Himmelen / In Paradise" Triakel
Bob Dylan "Corrina Corrina" Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

Mercury Rev "Tonite It Shows" Deserters' Songs
Transient Waves "Heroin Jam" Theatre Of Sound Comp
Robert Wyatt "Was A Friend" Shleep...Fat Chance To Dream
The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud ??? The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud
Piano Magic "A Trick Of The Sea (Excerpt)" Bliss Out Vol. 13
W/ Sune Karlsson "Tremoia: Small Portable Radio With Decaying Batteries" Phonia Domestica : Investigations
W/ Richard Youngs "Soon It Will Be Fire" Sapphie
Sonny Treadway "When I've Gone The Last Mile Of The Way" Jesus Will Fix It

Ron Geesin & Roger Waters (Excerpts) The Body
Ian Whitcomb "I Wouldn't Leave My Little Wooden Hut For You" Titanic Tunes
Koncert A Marson "Szivarvany" Pepperisms
Bobby Conn "Ominous Drone / Rise Up, Now!" Rise Up!
"Tonite...Satie" (See Playlist #1)

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