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Playlist for September 20th, 1998

"I Got THIS To Say"

The Who "Armenia (City In The Sky") The Who Sell Out
Frank Zappa "Excerpt From The Uncle Frankie Radio Show" Mystery Disc
Frank Zappa "Brown Shoes Don't Make It" Absolutely Free
Martin Bliley "Bach Minuet" Lullabye & Goodnight
Stereo Totale "Holiday Innn" Bungalow
Chris Butler "Tattoo" Wfmu Black Hole Review (Live)
Spice Girls "Too Much" Spice World

Bobby Conn "White Bread" Rise Up!
Jefferson Airplane "Plastic Fantastic Lover" (Live) The Worst Of Jefferson Airplane
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci "Siwt Nofio" Patio
Yoko Ono "Aos" Plastic Ono Band
Joan Baez "Old Welsh Song" Baptism
Giant Ant Farm "Splitting Seed" Vaccination Sampler

Anal Cunt "I'd Love To Have Your Daughter's Hand In Marriage" Picnic Of Love

Danielson "The Lord's Rest" Tell Another Joke At The Old Chopping Block
Sunny Day Real Esate "The Prophet" How It Feels To Be Something
Prolapse "Slash/Oblique" The Italian Flag
Neutral Milk Hotel "Ghost" In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
The Rolling Stones "Sing This All Together ( See What Happens)"
Yes "Heart Of The Sunrise" Fragile

Paul Giovanni "Waker Main Title Theme" The Wicker Man Soundtrasck.
Thurston Moore " Mark Webber" Root
Frank Pahl "Wisconsin" (In Cahoots)
Triakel "I Himmelen" In Paradise
Robin Williams & Shelly Duvall "Sailin'" Popeye Soundtrack
Acordion Tribe "Altereal Landscapes Part1" (Accordion Tribe)
Silver Apples "John Hardy " The Garden

Fairport Convention "Chelsea Morning" Fairport Convention
Nico "Little Sister" Chelsea Girls
Belle & Sebastian "Sleep The Clock Around" The Boy With The Arab Strap
Christopher Guest & Parker Posey "A Penny For Your Thoughts" Waiting For Guffman

Legendary Pink Dots "A Sunset For A Swan" Nemesis For A Swan
Graham Coxon "Hard & Slow" The Sky Is Too High

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