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Playlist for September 6th, 1998

Electric Rodent Radio

Anal Cunt "I'm Not That Kind Of Boy" Picnic Of Love
Martin Bliley "Brahms' Lullaby" Lullaby & Goodnight : A Music Box For Children
Pere Ubu "Electricity" Raygun Suitcase
Captain Beefheart "Electricity" Safe As Milk
Spiritualized "Electricity" Ladies & Gentlemen, We Are Floating In Space
The Dukes Of Stratosphere "My Love Explodes" 25 O'clock
Frank Luther "Manners Can Be Fun" Songs Of Safety
Michael Kamen "Ducts" Brazil Soundtrack
Mr. Bungle "Carry Stress In The Jaw" Disco Volante
Prophetic Attitude "King Kong" ...Plays The Music Of Frank Zappa

Matching Mole "Instant Pussy" Matching Mole
The Asteroid #4 "Golden Girl Of Spain" Introducing The Asteroid #4
Olivia Tremor Control "Can You Come Down With Us?" Dusk At Cubist Castle
Blonde Redhead "Speed X Distance = Time" In An Expression Of The Inexpressible
Ilk "Nocturnal Path Flow" Zenith
Psychic Tv "Eden 1 / Eden 2" Dreams Less Sweet
? "Peshrev" The Music Of Islam Vol. 9

Leather Hymen "Pussy" Host Body
Morris On "Cuckoo's Nest" Acoustic Waves Island Sampler
Tut Taylor "Friar Tut" Friar Tut
Phil Tanner "The Gower Reel" World Library Of Folk & Primitive Music : England
Paul Giovanni "Corn Riggs" The Wicker Man Soundtrack
Jack Armstrong's Barnstormers Band "Corn Rigs" (See #21)
Richard Thompson "The Poor Ditching Boy" Starring As Henry The Human Fly
Tony Snell "The Lay Of The Last Crusader" Medieval & Latter Day Lays
Susan Fryberg "Mother Too" Astonishing Sense...
Mario Lanza "The Moon Was Yellow" When Day Is Done
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci "Moon Beats Yellow" Introducing Gzm
Tall Dwarfs "Dare To Tread" Fork Songs
Bad Livers "Dancing Days" The Song Retains The Name Led Zep Tribute CD

Nashville Pussy "Sock It To Me" Eat More Pussy Ep
Fifty Foot Hose "Fantasy" Sing Like Scaffold
$2 Guitar "Tv" Burned & Buried
Cranes "Cloudless"
The Asteroid #4 "Onizuka" Introducing The Asteroid #4
Pram "Sleepy Sweet"
Grasshopper & The Golden Crickets "Silver Balloons" The Orbit Of Eternal Grace
Bowie / Eno "Boys Keep Swinging" Lodger
Joan Baez / Peter Schickele "Ministers Of War" Baptism
Kevin Ayers "Clarence In Wonderland / Red Green & You Blue" Shooting At The Moon
Robert Wyatt "Little Red Robin Hood Hit The Road" Rock Bottom
"Tonite...Satie" (See Playlist #1)

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