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Playlist for Aug 16, 1998

? (Excerpts) The Seventh Seal
Verdi "Dies Irae (Beginning)" Messa Da Requiem
Black Swan Network ? The Late Music
? (More Excerpts) The Seventh Seal
Krysztov Penderecki "Threnody For The Victims Of Hiroshima" Music From 6 Continents Series
Leif Elggren "Talking To A Dead Queen" Talking To A Dead Queen
Michael Zerang "The Gallows" The Redmoon Theatre's Frankenstein
Wendy Mae Chambers "Wild Ride" 12(2)
Paul Giovanni "Procession" The Wicker Man Soundtrack
Paul Giovanni & Lodestone "The Maypole Song" The Wicker Man Soundtrack

Chakachas "Jungle Fever" Boogie Nights Soundtrack
Can "Halleluwah" Cannibalism 1
Vas Deferens Organization "Apparition" Queas And Art
The Curious Digit "Who Most Resemble The Desperate" Hessian Hills
Clockbrains "Love You To" Dropped From The Sun
Susan Frykberg "Mother Too" Astonishing Sense
Hironymous S. Halfpenny "Noble Captive" Expanding Submarine Kazoo

Jack & Charlie Coen "Scatter The Mud / Larry Redican's Jig" The Branch Line
John Strachan "The Tinkler's Waddin'" World Library Of Folk & Primitive Music: Scotland
Jean Redford "Children's Song In Lallans Scot" Celtic Mouth Music
Christian Boule "Radio Arc-En-Ciel" Photo Musik
Colorsound "Shine On (Backward Reprise)" You're Only As Good As Your Sound
John Burgess "Caberfeidh / Macintosh's Lament" World Libary Of Folk & Primitive Music : Scotland
Jessamine "Your Head Is So Small It's Like A Tiny Little Light" 7"
John Lurie "Freezing Guitar" Fishing With John
World Standard "Billy Strange Country" Country Gazette
Richard Thompson "Wheely Down" Starring As Henry The Human Fly
Jenny Mae "Gem" 7"
? "Science Report" Psa

Tombstone Valentine "Green Sky Night" Hidden World
Mark Borthwick & Holland "Your Ship's Gone Jo" Holland
Ween "Right To The Ways & The Rules Of The World" The Pod
Suckdog "Divorce Song" Onward Suckdog Soldiers
Frank Pahl "Grandmother's Treadle" Remove The Cork
Medusa Cyclone "In Diameter" Mr. Devil
Graham Coxon "Where'd You Go?" The Sky Is Too High
Bugskull "Sun" Distracted Snowflake
"Tonite...Satie" (See Playlist #1)

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