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Playlist for Aug 3, 1998

I'm Eating Your Soul-Doggie's Acid

Scratch My Nose "I Am Going To Eat Up Your Doggie" Screw
Aphex Twin "Come To Daddy (Pappy Mix)" Come To Daddy
Suckdog "Anatomically Correct" Onward Suckdog Soldiers
Alastair Galbraith "Yuhahi Coast Road" Hey Drag City Compilation
Kyra "Anna K." Here I Am, I Always Am
Various North American Frogs
Sonic Youth "Silver Wax Lips" Silver Sessions For Jason Knuth
Baraban "Nina" Atlante Di Musica Tradizionale Italia 2 Roots Music Atlas
Wendy Mae Chambers "Snake Of Deep Waters" 12(2)
Catatonia "Dream On" Volume #12 Compilation

Brigitte Bardot "Invitango" Etc... Initials B.B.
W/ Hermann Nitsch (Excerpts) Musik Der 66.Aktion
Andrew Lewis "Sonnerie Aux Morts" Project 1 Various Comp
Penguin Cafe Orchestra "The Snake & The Lotus (The Pond)" Signs Of Life
The Zero Tolerance "Acid & Flowers" Acid & Flowers Comp
Pere Ubu "Petrified" Song Of The Bailing Man
Mr. Couple A Drinks "Famous Last Words" Mr. Couple A Drinks
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci "Dafad Yn Siarad" Patio

Atsushi Tsuyama ???? Starring As Henry The Human Horse
John Lurie "Revenge Of Fishdance" Fishing With John
Pip Proud "I Love You Best When You're A Leaf" One Of These Days
Kevin Ayers "Eleanor's Cake Which Ate Her" Joy Of A Toy
Krysztof Penderecki (Excerpts) The Entombment Of Christ
W/ Dial-A-Bible-Message  
Yo La Tengo "Green Arrow" I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One
Of Montreal "Sadness Creeping Up And Scaring Away The Couple's
Vertonen "Two-Die Town" 7"

The Black Heart Procession "The Winter My Heart Froze / Stitched To My Heart" The Black Heart Procession
Kalacakra "Naerby Shiras" Crawling To Lhasa
Pentangle "Jack Orion" Cruel Sister
Ween "Tick" Godweensatan : The Oneness

Mazinga Phaser "Infinity For Now" Cruising In The Neon Glories Of The New American Night
Scratch My Nose "Scratchcorn" Screw
The World Column "Lantern Gospel" Acid & Flowers Comp
Frank Pahl (Uh...Whoops! Forgot To Write Down The Title) Remove The Cork
World Standard "Country Sad Ballad Man" Country Gazette
Tone Float "Tonite We Sleep With The Eggroll King" Musik Von Tone Float
"Tonite...Satie" (See Playlist #1)

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