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Playlist for June 29, 1998

Carol Etzler "Women Loving Women" Sometimes I Wish
W/ Air Force PSA. .
Hedningarna "Raven (Foxwoman)" Nordic Roots: A Northside Collection
Peter Wyngarde "Rape" When Sex Leers Its Inquisitive Head
Cloud People "Speech Joe" Zeek Sheck Rules Cloud People, But Not For Long
Vandals "I Know, Huh?" Hitler Bad, Vandals Good
Bob Pollard "Make Use" Waved Out

Small Things "Brownian Motion" Keep Calm & Dig
Hard Rubber Orchestra "Speck" Cruel Yet Fair
Danielson Famile "Burn In Hart" A Prayer For Every Hour
Cromagnon "Caledonia" Cave Rock
Danielson Famile "Be Your Wildman" (Ditto Above)
Copernicus "Once, Once, Once Again" Deeper
The Moonlighters "It Isn't Goodnight Yet" CD Ep

Ry Cooder "Define Violence" The End Of Violence Soundtrack
Witchman "Bone Music" Heavy Traffic
Strangulated Beatoffs "Countless Sheep" Strangulated Beatoffs
Banda Ionica "Per Domenico Morelli" Passione
Amon Tobin "Bridge" Permutation
W/ "Dial-A-Bible-Message"..
Z-Rock Hawaii "God In My Bed" Z-Rock Hawaii
Group 1850 "Little Fly" Agemo's Trip To Mother Earth
Alice Cooper "Killer" Killer

Ralph Carney "Robert Wyatt" Ralph Sounds
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci "Kevin Ayers" Tatay
Kevin Ayers & Robert Wyatt "Hymn" Bananamour
Richard Holland ?? Live At Columbia College Chicago
W/Michael Nyman "The Morrow" Gattaca Soundtrack
Scotty Macgregor "Weird Monster Sounds" 7"
Leslie Q "Chappie Couldn't Smile" Presque Vu!
Syd Barrett "Dark Globe" Still Laughing
Jefferson Starship "Have You Seen The Stars Tonight?" Blows Against The Empire

La! Neu? "Anruf Aus Brasilien" Die With Dignity : Kraut?
S.Y.P.H. "Stress" Pst!
7% Solution "Oh Yeah" 7"
Ennio Morricone "On Earth As It Is In Heaven" The Mission Soundtrack

Alvaro "Men Don't Cry, They Sing" Repetition Kills
Tom Waits "Earth Died Screaming" Bone Machine
Kendra Smith / David Roback / Keith Mitchell "Grains Of Sand" Fell From The Sun Ep
"Tonite...Satie" (See Playlist #1)

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