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Playlist for May 5, 1998

"Virtual V.D. For Your Entertainment"

Non "Conflagration" Easy Listening For Iron Youth
Gene Moore (Unknown) Carnival Of Souls Soundtrack
Parliament "Flashlight" Uncut Funk:The Bomb (Grtst. Hits Comp.)
Spaceheads "Oh Wow! Look At The Colours" Ho! Fat Wallet
N/A "Sesame Street Porn" (Personal Cassette)
Parker Posey & Christopher Guest "A Penny For Your Thoughts" Waiting For Guffman Soundtrack

Red Noise "Galactic Sewer Song" Sarcelles-Locheres
Kevin Ayers & The Whole World "Lunatic's Lament / Pisser Dans Un Violon" Shooting At The Moon
W/ (Various "Snapshots In Sound" Recordings) One Of One
Anon "Sal Boo" One Of One:Snapshots In Sound
God Is My Copilot "Oi Divchino" Dreams Are Free Compilation
Bob Anderson "3/9/41" One Of One:Snapshots In Sound
Spin 17 "Slow Rock 2" Spin 17
Anon "The Pope Joke" One Of One:Snapshots In Sound
The Cassandra Complex "Demons" Satan, Bugs Bunny & Me...
W/ (Various "Snapshots In Sound" Recordings) One Of One
Leif Elggren "Talking To A Dead Queen" Talking To A Dead Queen
Julee Cruise "The World Spins" Floating/Into The Night

Cornelius "The Micro Disneycal World Tour / New Music Machine" Fantasma
Curve "Coming Up Roses" Come Clean
Swap "Tokpolkett" Swap
Shirley Anne Hofmann's Euphoria "A Lunar Story" From The Depths
Thomas Beckmann & Johannes Cernota "Limelight / Bonjour Madame" Oh! That Cello (Music By Charlie Chaplin)
They Might Be Giants "Fingertips" Apollo 18
Santana "Every Step Of The Way" Caravansarai

Akira Ifukube "Godzilla 1954 Suite (Excerpts)" The Best Of Godzilla 1954 - 1975
Eskimo "The Stalker Lurks" Some Prefer Cake Soundtrack
Neil Norman & His Cosmic Orchestra "Theme From Godzilla" The Best Of Godzilla 1954 - 1975
Non Credo "Sporco Mutande / Slips Through Fingers" Happy Wretched Family
The Frogs "400 Years" Racially Yours
Sir Richard Bishop "Burning Caravan" Salvador Kali
Robert Pete Williams "Sinner Don't You Know" 15 Downhome Gospel Classics
John Lennon "I Don't Want To Be A Soldier" Imagine
Greg Turkington "Is It True What They Say About Dixie?" Famous Songs From Days Gone By

Roy Montgomery "Entertaining Mr. Jones" And Now The Rain Sounds Like Life Is Fallng Down Through It
Ween "Buenos Tardes Amigo" Chocolate & Cheese
Monty Python "Every Sperm Is Sacred" The Meaning Of Life Soundtrack
The Gay Barbarians "Gay Deborah" Bohemian Special
Swap "Dream Waltz" Swap
Jenny Mae "David's Allergies" Don't Wait Up For Me

Zappa/Mothers "She Painted Up Her Face / Janet's Big Dance Number / Mysterioso / Shove It Right In" 200 Motels Soundtrack
Nels Cline Trio "Crest In Black" Sad
Bob Dylan "Oxford Town" Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
King Missile "Happy Hour" Happy Hour
Nat "King" Cole "There Will Never Be Another You" Unforgettable...
"Tonite...Satie" (See [Playlist #1)

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