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Playlist for April 21, 1998

"Modern Underground Body Conditioning"

Brown'nose "Radio Spot #7" Underground Radio Show
Pink Floyd "Jug Band Blues" "A Saucerful Of Secrets"
Hedningarna "Kruspolska" Kaksi!
The Cocoon "Ventilator Change Into Airplane" While The Recording Engineer Sleeps
Jefferson Airplane "Thunk" Bark
Rudy Franklin "Modern Body Conditioning" Modern Body Conditioning
W/ Angelo Badalamenti "L'anniversaire D'irvin" City Of Lost Children Soundtrack
Angelo Badalamenti "Mort De La Pieuvre" City Of Lost Children Sdtk
Mortician "Devoured Alive" Zombie Apocalypse
Telegraph Avenue "Happy" Telegraph Avenue

Poem Rocket "Virus" Infinite Retry On Parallel Time Out
The Portsmouth Sinfonia "1812 Overture" Hallelujah
Tom Waits "16 Shells From A 30-Ought-6" Swordfishtrombones
Brown'nose "Love Some Day" Underground Radio Show
Het "Penis" Het
The Kinks "See My Friends" Tired Of Waiting For You
Bowwowwow "Go Wild In The Country" I Want Candy

Psychic Tv "Rites Of Reversal" Themes 2: A Prayer For Derek Jarman
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci "Ymwelwyr A Gwrachod" Bwyd Time
" "The Telescope & The Bonfire" Bwyd Time
" "The Man With Salt Hair" Bwyd Time
" "The Game Of Eyes" Bwyd Time
" "Blood Chant" Bwyd Time
Horse Cock Kids "Life After The Blow Job" Self-Indulgent Music
W/ Col. Harlan Sanders (Excerpt) Nick Bougas Presents Celebrities At Their Worst Compilation
Jake Holmes "Dazed & Confused" The Above Ground Sound Of Jake Holmes

King Crimson "Happy Family" Lizard
Pax "Dark Rose" Dark Rose
Diamanda Galas "Supplica A Mia Madre" Malediction & Prayer (Live)
Poem Rocket "Ka-Boom" Infinite Retry On Parallel Time-Out
The Spiny Anteaters "Alt 23" The Spiny Anteaters' Last Supper
Ennio Morricone "Un Altro Mare" Mondomorricone
Buffalo Springfield "Do I Have To Come Right Out & Say It?" Buffalo Springfield

Lhasa Cement Plant "I Am Providence" Live At Terrastock
W/ Rudy Franklin "Modern Body Conditioning" Modern Body Conditioning
.. Ren Doll
Kendra Smith "Bold Marauder" Five Ways Of Disappearing
Brown'nose "Radio Spot #8" Underground Radio Show
Big Star "I'm In Love With A Girl" Radio City
Tiger Lillies "Banging In The Nails" The Brothel To The Cemetary

Charles Mingus "The Clown" The Clown
Bjork "Joga" Homogenic
Barnes & Barnes "Something's In The Bag" Voobaha
Brown'nose "Vitamins" Underground Radio Show
Jenny Mae "Cowboy Song" Don't Wait Up For Me

The Wedding Present "Falling" Hit Parade 1
Contrastate "At The Bottom Of My Dreams" A Thousand Badgers In Labour
W/ Rudy Franklin "Modern Body Conditioning" Modern Body Conditioning
Todd Rundgren "Is It My Name?" A Wizard A True Star
"Tonite...Satie" (See Playlist #1)

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