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Playlist for Mar 17, 1998

Marathon Show #1

Anon. "Saltarello" Norton Enjoyment Of Music Vol. 1
The Curious Digit "Who Most Resemble The Desperate" Hessian Hills
Dick Dale "Ghostriders In The Sky"
The Special Moments "The Brothers Is Back" Songs Of Whimsey

Danielson "Quest For Thrills" Tell Another Joke At The Ol' Choppin' Block
Thinking Feller's Union... "Electrocutioner" Eyesore - A Stab At The Residents
Heavy Vegetable "Time's Up" Eyesore - A Stab At The Residents
Michael Bass "In Case Of Rain (A Few Suggestions)"
W/ Tom Scharpling & Ron Klontle "Rock Rot & Rule" Live Music From A Dead Campus CD Compilation

Pest 5000 "Xing Things" Live Music From A Dead Campus
Neutral Milk Hotel "Ghost" In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
Frank Zappa "Brown Shoes Don't Make It" Absolutely Free

Margaret Leng-Tan "Mirabella (A Tarantella For Toy Piano)" Live Music From A Dead Campus
L'ensemble Raye "Un Square Au Printemps" Meme En Hiver
Tiger Lilies "Sheep" Farmyard Filth
Bernard Herrmann "Psycho (Excerpts)" Music From Alfred Hitchcock Films
Kevin Ayers "It Begins With A Blessing / Once Awakened / But It Ends With A Curse" Confessions Of Dr. Dream
Jessica Kane "Lullabye" Varicose Days

Premature Ejaculation "The Worst Hell"
Brian May "Vampire Ceremony & Initiation Ritual" Vampire Circus Compilation CD
Charles Manson Speaks N/A

Gorky's Zygotic Mynci "Patio Song" Barafundle
Les Anglais "I Love Paris" Misfits Compilation CD
Phil Dadson & From Scratch "Pacific 3-2-1-Zero" Gravikords, Whirlies & Pyrophones Compilation CD
Roy Henry Alexander Gover "Maggots & Blowflies" Life Goes On
Robert Wyatt "Maryann" Shleep...Fat Chance To Dream

Gorky's Zygotic Mynci "Miniature Kingdoms" Barafundle
Christa Hughes "Il Trovatore" Misfits Compilation CD
Television Personalities "Arthur The Gardener" Yes Darling, But Is It Art?
Bobby Conn "Never Get Ahead" Bobby Conn

Shirley Anne Hofmann's Euphoria "Down In Prescott Way" From The Depths
Ween "The Mollusk" The Mollusk
All Natural Lemon Lime Flavors "Emergency Turnoff"
Jenny Mae "David's Allergies" Don't Wait Up For Me
Frequent Animation "Aureola's Area" (Personal Cassette)

Centipede "Take Away Everything"
Silver Apples "Program" Silver Apples
Peter Sellers & Spike Milligan "She Loves You" Celebrities At Their Worst Compilation CD
"Tonite...Satie" ( See Playlist #1)

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