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Playlist for mar 3, 1998

"U-S-E-L-E-S-S, Useless"

N/A (Legal Id Loop)
W/ Jim Turner "Frere Jacques" The Well Tempered Saw
W/ " "Careless Love" (Ditto)
Boyd Rice & Friends "Nightwatch" Music, Martinis & Misanthropy
" "People" (Ditto)
Invaders From A Forbidden Planet "10 Good Reasons Why We Hate Rem" The Ups & Downs Of Boyhood
Joe Dolce "Shaddap You Face" K-Tel Just For Laughs Compilation

Maggie Hammons Parker "The Lonesome Pines" The Hammons Family
Arnie Chuckel Show "Battle Of New Orleans" Arnie Chuckel Show
Bob Dylan "Bob Dylan's Blues" The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
Memphis Jugband "Ruckus Juice & Chitlins" Ruckus Juice & Chitlins Comp.
C.W. Vrtacek "Look! Out On The Pond! Ducks!" Flies In The Face Of Logic Comp.
C.W. Vrtacek "It's Like A Goddam Crazy House In Here!" (Ditto)
Ac/Dc "The Jack" Bonfire Box Set
Kramer "Buddy Holly Will Never Die" Songs From The Pink Death
Supernova "Mommy" Supernova
The Special Moments "St. Dad" Songs Of Whimsy
King Kong "Old Man On The Bridge" Old Man On The Bridge
Jonathan Richman "Straight From The Hospital" Surrender To Jonathan

Bingo Gazingo "Bingo Gazingo's Bolero" Bingo Gazingo
Nichols & May "Mysterioso" Improvisations On Music
Teddy & Darrel "They Took You Away, I'm Glad I'm Glad" Queer To The Core Comp.
The Beatles "Strawberry Fields Forever, Take 25" Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 6
Madame X "Paris Adult World"
(Ween Interview On Dutch Radio)
Ween "Springtheme" Pure Guava
High Llamas "Showstop (Op Art Informal)" 7" Single
Fishbone "Lyin' Ass Bitch" Fishbone Ep

The Curious Digit "Who Most Resemble The Desperate" Hessian Hills
Jaggernaut "Dirty Strip" Music To Be Murdered By Comp.
N/A "Stand Up For Jesus" And Other Hymns...
W/ Home "Carl & Ann" After The Divine Diving Insert Comp.
W/ Achim Wollsheid (Untitled) Achim Wollsheid
W/ King Frog "Beau De Toilet" Silver Gelatin
" "Hell Is For Chodas" (Ditto)
W/ N/A (Charles Manson Speaks) Joe Coleman's Infernal Machine
W/ Boyd Rice & Frank Tovey "Extraction 3" Easy Listening For The Hard Of Hearing
Charming Hostess "I'm Not Hungry Angels Of Life In A Psychic Wasteland
Frequent Animation "WMN" (Personal Cassette)
Bowie/Eno "Warszawa" Low
w/ Boyd Rice & Frank Tovey's "Estraction 3"
The Residents "The Booker Tease" Duckstab

Incredible String Band "Witches Hat" The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter
Edith Frost "My God Insane" Edith Frost
Jenny Mae "David's Allergies" Don't Wait Up For Me
The Tony Williams Lifetime "Where" Emergency!
Clara Rockmore "The Swan" Gravikords, Whirlies & Pyrophones Comp.
Barnes & Barnes "When You Die" Voobaha

The Space Needle "Never Lonely Alone" The Moray Eel Eats The Space Needle
Sun Ra "Sunrise" Blue Delight
Stereolab "Slow Fast Hazel" Emperor Tomato Ketchup
"Tonite...Satie" (See Playlist #1)

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