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Playlist for Feb 24, 1998

Debashish Bhattacharya Is Not A Puritan

Chocolate Weasel "Weasenstein" Spaghettification
Amps For Christ "Abram Looks Back At Ur" Angels Of Life In A Psychic Wasteland Compilation CD
Gastr Del Sol "Black Horse" Camoufleur
Les Guitares "Galaxie" Guitar Mood Comp
The Yardbirds "Happenings Ten Years Time Ago" Roger The Engineer

Sludgecrypt (Skull Side) Diarrhea Lipstick 7"
Dying Ground "I Am Fire" Dying Ground
Ryuichi Sakamoto "Anger" Discord
Danielson Famile "Like A Vacuum" A Prayer For Every Hour
Dick Shawn "Love Power" The Producers Soundtrack
Adam "The Journey" Welcome Back
Mick Jagger, Julie Christy & Michael Caine (Interviews) Tonite, Let's All Make Love In London Soundtrack
The Carpenters "Sing" The Singles 1969-1973

Marilyn Monroe "I Wanna Be Loved By You" The Essential Recordings
Teddy & Darrel "I'm Hungry" Queer To The Core
April Stevens "Teach Me Tiger" Ultra Lounge Vol 8 Comp.
Arnie Chuckel Show "Battle Of New Orleans" Arnie Chuckel Show
Ween "Cruise Control" 7"
Ween "Skycruiser" 7"
Mr. Coupla Drinks "Famous Last Words" Mr. Coupla Drinks
Buffalo Daughter "New Rock" New Rock
The Goatmen "Evel Knievel" Destroyer
The Monks "Higgle-Dy-Piggle-Dy" Black Monk Time
The Yellow Balloon "Leaving It Up To You" The Yellow Balloon Reissue, Bonus Track
Jenny Mae "Cowboy Song" Don't Wait Up For Me
Tren Brothers "Gone Away" 7"
Love Cry Want "Tomorrow. Today Will Be Yesterday" Love Cry Want

Fleetwood Mac "Albatross" Black Magic Woman
Monty Python "Albatross" Live At City Center April 1976
Jeff Buckley & Gary Lucas "Farewell Angelina" They Came They Played They Blocked The Driveway Live @ Wfmu Compilation
Tim Buckley "Buzzin' Fly" Dream Letter Live In London 1968
Lord Buckley "Gettysburg Address" His Royal Hipness
W/ John Snipes "Coocoo" Black Banjo Songsters Of N. Carolina & Virginia
W/ Dink Roberts "Coocoo" Black Banjo Songsters...
W/ Burl Hammons "Old Sledge / Camp Chase" The Hammons Family
N/A "Turkey In The Straw" Folksongs Of America
Maggie Hammons Parker "The Lonesome Pines" The Hammons Family
Burl Hammons "Turkey In The Straw" The Hammons Family
Maggie Hammons Parker "The Haunted Wagon" (Ditto)
W/ The Soft Machine "Facelift" Virtually
N/A "Old Dan Tucker" Folksongs Of America
Maggie Hammons Parker "Riddles" The Hammons Family
Vertonen "Dies Irae" Thw Women Men Leave Their Wives For 7"
Mary Schneider Brahms' Lullaby Yodel" Yodeling The Classics

Karen Dalton "How Did The Feeling Feel To You?" It's So Hard To Tell Who's Going To Love You The Best
Jonathan Elias "Vampire Coven's Prayer" Vampire Circus Comp
All Natural Lemon Lime Flavors "Repetetive Monotonous" 7"
Ectogram "Byth Yn Bwrw Fel Hyn" I Can't Believe It's Not Reggae
Monopuff "Distant Antennae" Unsupervised
Crystal Rain "You And Me" An Overture Of Heavy Psych
Granpa Joe "The Drunken Driver" Godless America
John Lindberg Ensemble "Firewood Duet" Bounce
The Beatles "Because (Vocal Only)" Ultra Rare Tracks Vol. 5
Nino Rota "La Passerella D'addio" 8 & 1/2 Soundtrack

Scriabin "The Poem Of Ecstasy"
Eric Idle "The Galaxy Song Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life Soundtrack
"Tonite...Satie"(See Playlist #1)

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