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Playlist for Jan 13, 1998


Anon. "Saltarello" The Norton Scores Vol. 1
Sonic Youth "Death To Our Friends" Evol
Roy Smeck "Shuffle Off To Buffalo" ...Plays Hawaiian Guitar
Ween "Mutilated Lips" The Mollusk
Ween "Sketches Of Winkle" The Pod
Sensational Alex Harvey Band "Next!" Next...

The Heartbreakers "Everytime I See You" Rare Meat
The Mothers "King Kong" Metal Man Has Hornet's Wings
Barnes & Barnes "Cemetary Girls" Voobaha
Inflatable Boy Clams "I'm Sorry" 7" Ep
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 "Electrocutioner" Eye Sore - A Stab At The Residents
Traffic Sound "You Got To Pay" Tibet's Suzettes
Eno "The Great Pretender" Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)
Scott Walker "Next!" It's Raining Today

Kendra Smith "Bold Marauder" 5 Ways Of Disappearing
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci "Amsermaemaiyndod/Cinema" Tatay
Gorky's... "O, Caroline" Tatay
Tiger Lillies "Murder" Ad Nauseum
Shirley Anne Hofmann's Euphoria "Down In Prescott Way (Sex Got Into Prescott)" From The Depths
Frank Zappa "Mystery Roach" 200 Motels Soundtrack
Rush "Didacts & Narpets" Caress Of Steel
Joan Baez "Old Welsh Song" Baptism - A Journey Through Our Time
Mij "Grok (Martian Love Call)" Mij
Mij "Romeo & Juliet" Mij
Billie Holiday "Strange Fruit" The History Of The Real Billie Holiday

Nicolas Collins (Side 2) Devil's Music
??An Eskimo?? "She Be She Strike" Radio Archival Oddities Wfmu Cassette
Bobby Conn "Axis '67 Part 3" Bobby Conn
The Buggles "Video Killed The Radio Star" Just Can't Get Enough - '80s New Wave Compilation

Medicine "Live It Down" The Buried Life
Thefrogs "I Only Play For Money" Starjob Ep
Ride "Ox4" Going Blank Again
Harmony Rockets "L'apocalypse Des Animeaux" I've Got A Golden Ticket
The Space Needle "One Kind Of Lullaby" The Moray Eel Eats The Space Needle

The Pastels "Unfair Kind Of Fame" Illumination
Cul De Sac "The Invisible Worm" Ecim
Spiritualized "Home Of The Brave" Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
Centipede "Take Away Everything" Septober Energy
Barnes & Barnes "Something's In The Bag" Voobaha

Danielson Famile "Big Baby" Tell Another Joke At The Ol' Choppin' Block
Mercury Rev "Racing The Tide/Close Encounters Of The 3rd Grade" See You On The Other Side
Ween "Roses Are Free" Chocolate & Cheese
Robin Williams "Swee'pea's Lullaby" Popeye Soundtrack
"Tonite...Satie"(See Playlist #1)
Barnes & Barnes "When You Die" Voobaha

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