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Saturday mornings 2 am - 6 am

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I May Be Old, But I'm Not Stupid!!"

N/A "Just A Little Love" (7th Day Adventists' Psa)
Michael Nyman "The Nightmare Begins"
Michael Bass & His Moderately-Sized Orchestra "In Case Of Rain (A Few Suggestions)"
Bubber Johnson "Come Home" Come Home

Luna "Hey Sister" Lunapark
Kryztov Penderecki "Threnody For The Victims Of Hiroshima" Music From 6 Continents
N/A "Am I Too Old?" (7th Day Adventists' Psa)
Uz Jsme Doma "Koroze" Hollywood
Ninian Hawick "Scottish Rite Temple Stomp" Split 7" Single
Stump "Buffalo"

Gorky's Zygotic Mynci "Beth Sy'n Gigwydd I'r Fuwch" Tatay
Anton Lavey "Gloomy Sunday" Strange Music 10" Lp
John Lennon "God" Plastic Ono Band
Kramer "69 Annee Erotique" Tzadik's Great Jewish Music Tribute To Serge Gainsbourg
L'ensemble Raye "Un Square Au Printemps"
L'ensemble Raye "La Bleue"
Broadcast "According To No Plan" Work & Nonwork

Harmony Rockets "L'apocalypse Des Animeaux"
Bobby Conn "Crimson & Clover" 12" Ep
Michael Nyman "Red Drum"
Home "Chicago Demonstration"
Brother Jt "Little Man"

Tangerine Dream (Excerpts) Electronic Meditation
Holy Modal Rounders "Radar Blues"
Danielson Famile "Nice Of Me" A Prayer For Every Hour
Dominic Frontiere "Rachel (Love Theme)" Hang 'em High Soundtrack

Optiganally Yours "Down" Spotlight On Optiganally Yours
All Natural Lemon Lime Flavors "Saturn Jig"
N/A "Funeral March" Elektra Sound Fx CD
Spooky Ruben "It's Not What You Do It's You" Modes Of Transportation
Beck "Totally Confused" (Select Magazine CD-Ep)
Ween "Squelch The Weasel" Godweensatan : The Oneness
Ween "Marble Tulip Juicy Tree" Godweensatan : The Oneness

Roxy Music "For Your Pleasure" For Your Pleasure
Marnie Weber "I'm Not A Bunny" Cry For Happy
Godz "1+1=?" Contact High With The Godz
Palace "Werner's Last Blues To Blokbuster"
Tower Recordings "1990's Moire Exchange / Spirit Of Love"
N/A "In Praise Of Age" (A Whole Bunch) (7th Day Adventists' Psas)
N/A "Lions Are Growing" The Digital Domain
Raymond Scott "Little Miss Echo" Soothing Sounds For Baby, Vol. 3
Michael Nyman "The Nightmare Ends"

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