Scott Williams

Playlist for Oct 21, 1997

Throw the Records Away

Glenn Yarbrough "Friend Of Jesus"
Neil Diamond "The Pot-Smokers Song"
Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band "Look Out! There's A Monster Coming!"
Bobby Conn "Axis '67" Bobby Conn
Kebekelektrik "Bolero (Ravel's)" W/ GTOs Random Chatter From Permanent Damage
Crick Diefendorf "Eruption" Everybody Wants Some, Tribute Album To Van Halen

Young Godz "Alabama Song"
Aphex Twin "Come To Daddy "
Hyperbubble "Starjacker"
Gert Wilden & Orchestra "Follow Me" Schulmadchen Soundtracks
Steve Miller Band "Superbyrd"
The Who "Young Man Blues" Live At Leeds
Frequent Animation "The Timewave" (Personal Cassette)
Pooh Sticks "1st Of A Million Love Songs" Optimistic Fool

Shirley Anne Hofmann's Euphoria "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" From The Depths
Frank Zappa "Sinister Footwear #2" Them Or Us
John Frusciante "Running Away Into You" Niandra Lades & Usually Just A T-Shirt
Brian Jonestwon Massacre "Sue"
Shallow "I Wonder" 7" Single (Remix)
Shortwave "M.A. 50 Phase Ii"
Varnaline "Judges 17"

Negativland "U2" U2
John Oswald/Plunderphonic "Spring"(Stravinsky's Rites Of Spring)
Bobby Conn "Who's The Paul? #16" Bobby Conn
Elyssian Fields "Sugarplum Arches" Bleed Your Cedar
Ry Cooder "Define Violence" The End Of Violence Soundtrack

Pink Floyd "Cymbaline" More Soundtrack
Atman "Forest Of Karma"
Spiritualized "Ladies & Gentlemen, We Are Floating In Space" Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
Grimble Grumble "Future: The Only Point Of Entry" Om Mani Pad Me Hum, 10" Ep
Ko Stars "Don't Know Why" Klassics With A "K"

Todd Rundgren "Couldn't I Just Tell You" Something? / Anything?
Gene Austin "Did You Ever See A Dream Walking?" Art Deco Compilation "The Crooners"
Johnette Napolitano & Marc Moreland "Hurting Each Other" If I Were A Carpenter Tribute To The Carpenters
Jessamine "Your Head Is So Small It's Like A Little Light"
Porcupine Tree "Ptolemine Treescope" Succour : Ptolemaic Terrascope Benefit Compilation
Palace "Black/Rich Tune" Succour : Ptolemaic Terrascope Benefit Compilation
Elyssian Fields "Parachute" Bleed Your Cedar

Peter & Gordon "A World Without Love" 7" Single
Aerial M "Dazed & Awake"
The Space Needle "Beers In Heaven" Explorer
Steve Martin & Bernadette Peters "Tonite, You Belong To Me" The Jerk Videotape (Can Anyone Lead Me To The Soundtrack Album?)
Erik Satie "Gymnopedies #2" The Impressionists, Conducted By Bernard Herrmann

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