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Playlist for October 20th, 2000

Bong Hits & Headphones with special live guests SPECIES BEING and KINSKI

Hear this show!
Red Bennies "Gotta Bite My Lip" VA 2000-2001 RAWK PARTY Vaccination Records Sampler
Queens of the Stone Age "Regular John" S/T
The Windom Earle Experience "Oops...I Pilfered Again" CD single
ST37 "March of the Chrome Police" SPACEAGE
GrndNtl Brnds "Gringo" VA 2000-2001 RAWK PARTY (see above)
Species Being "Pt 1" YONILICIOUS
Julian Cope "Space Rock With Me" INTERPRETER

Rube Waddell "Westward Rider" VA 2000-2001 RAWK PARTY
Thee Machine Gun TV "Dragon Fly" 7"
Tom Edwards "What is a Teenage Girl?" 7"


SPECIES BEING is a free-jazzy-improv-space-prog-post-and-so-on-rock collective from San Francisco who answer the musical question "What would it sound like if members of Sun Ra's Arkestra and Phish joined the same marching band? - and then get fired by Red-era King Crimson?".

Members of SPECIES BEING all sport smashing cred via the San Francisco Vaccination Records stable. Drummer/Bandleader Frank Grau also plays with Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, with former members of Idiot Flesh. Bassist/Keyboardist/Guitarist Matt Lebofsky (aka The Sweeper) hails from Mumble & Peg and Job (he also looks a bit like our Stork). Bassist Kenseth Thibideau and Guitarist Mitch Cheney (who looks like the strange issue of Mike Love and Corbin Bernsen!) both play with improv-collective Rumah-sakit. And guitarist Eli Good also plays with The Grassy Knoll.

Today's performance by SPECIES BEING comprised one 40-minute untitled piece of improvisation.

Thanks to Diane Farris for doing yet another amazing engineering job - also to Jason Engel and Nancy Trudel for being on-hand & helping out. Thanks always to Prince Brian Turner for throwing the best bands my way - and thanks, of course, to SPECIES BEING for being here.

Elf Power "Embrace the Crimson Tide" THE WINTER IS COMING
Ghost "Guru in the Echo" S/T
Frank Zappa / Mothers of Invention "Aybe Sea" BURNT WEENY SANDWICH


KINSKI schlepped all the way from Seattle to join us today & grace us with their world-weary, yet intensely cathartic take on Spacemen 3-ish space rock.

One song was so gloriously heartbreaking, I felt the world had just ended and KINSKI was there, with their collective hand on my shoulder saying "It's all over now - this is the worst thing that could possibly happen - isn't it beautiful?".

KINSKI has taken a day off their national tour with Hovercraft to perform for us today. Here's how they did it:

  1. Sequence
  2. New India (*)
  3. Newport (*)
  4. Screw
  5. Tremolo
  6. Kinski Fears Mogwai
  7. Daydream Intonation (*)

    Clever titles, yes? Songs marked by an asterisk are from KINSKI's forthcoming release on Pacifico Records "Be Gentle With the Warm Turtle" (Jan. 2001).
    Unmarked songs are all working-title works in progress.

    Here's who's in the groop:

    Chris Martin: guitar / noise
    Matthew Reid Schwartz: guitar
    David Weeks: drums
    Lucy Atkinson: bass / sampler
    Thanks again to KINSKI for being here, Prince BT for getting them here, Irene Trudel for doing such a great job making it sound like they were here, and Jason Engel, for always being here.

Glen Campbell "Wichita Lineman" WICHITA LINEMAN

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