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Playlist for July 28th, 2000

His Cheeseburger w/ live guests JETT BRANDO


Ralph Lundsten "Nervdallring (Nervous Tension)" ELEKTRONISK MUSIK
Anonymous "Saltarello" V/A NORTON ENJOYMENT OF MUSIC Vol 1
The Flaming Lips "Unconsciously Screamin'" IN A PRIEST-DRIVEN AMBULANCE
The Ladytron "Jiving Me" S/T
Jett Brando "The Center of Gravity (Sink Right Down)" THE MOVEMENT TOWARD YOU
Annabel Lee "Lycanthropy" V/A EXTREME MUSIC FROM WOMEN
Ralph Lundsten "Monstermaltid (Monster Meal)" ELEKTRONISK MUSIK
JFK Jr. Royal Airforce "Devils & Gods" S/T
The Mothers of Invention "Cruising for Burgers" UNCLE MEAT
Mr. Lunt "His Cheeseburger" V/A WOW! FOR JESUS
Ralph Lundsten "Skrattsymfoni (Laughter Symphony)" ELEKTRONISK MUSIK

Joe Jackson "It's Different for Girls" 200 CIGARETTES sdtk
Venus in Furs "Baby's On Fire" VELVET GOLDMINE sdtk
Matching Mole "Gloria Gloom" LITTLE RED RECORD
Comus "The Prisoner" FIRST UTTERANCE

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< JETT BRANDO PERFORMS LIVE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
JETT BRANDO is the alter-ego of Jeremy Winter, formerly of now-defunct NJ big dreamscapers All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors. Joining him are former L & L drummer Bri, former L & L manager Peter Murphy and WFMU's own premeerus engineerus Jesse Cannon. Their current slab of oceanic McCartney-thru-the-looking-glass pop is called "The Movement Toward You", on Gern Blandsten Records. They'll soon be appearing on a Various Artists compilation from Cosmo Demonic Telegraph called "Tea At The Palace of Hoon"

Today, they've played 11 songs for us, and here they are, in order!

  1. The Center of Gravity (Sink Right Down)
  2. Other Friend
  3. All Your Tongues
  4. Love You Blues
  5. Won't You Treat it Like a Storm?
  6. Waiting
  7. In The Dead Hot Sun
  8. Sass
  9. Amber Glow
  10. Athuna
  11. Well, Well
Thanks to JETT BRANDO for playing & thanks to Jesse Cannon for once again making them sound fantastic (all while he was playing keyboards & samplers, no less!)

Bablicon "Sitcom)(Bucktown" THE ORANGE TAPERED MOON
Einsturzende Neubauten "Headcleaner" TABULA RASA

Linda Perhacs "Parallelograms" V/A HIPPIE GODDESSES
Bobby Conn "Maria B" LLOVESSONNGS ep
Tiger Lillies "Maria" BAD BLOOD & BLASPHEMY
David Grubbs "Stanwell Perpetual" THE SPECTRUM BETWEEN
Shimmer Kids Underpop Association "Ray & Carla Take a Vacation" BURY MY HEART AT MAKEOUT POINT

Debra Petrovitch "Dislocated" V/A EXTREME MUSIC FROM WOMEN

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