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Playlist for July 7, 2000

Aping Monkees & Other Fetishes

Harvey Milk "Pinnochio's Example" COURTESY & GOODWILL TOWARD MEN
Joe Coleman "(excerpts)" INFERNAL MACHINE
Anton LaVey "Book of Satan Verse 2" THE SATANIC MASS
Miss Murgatroid "Witches Shapes/Witches Waltz/Murder on the Screen" LADY M
Alban Berg "Lulu Suite (conclusion)" (VIENNA PHILHARMONIC w/ ANJA SILJA)
Sean McAloon "The Mountain Lark / The Crooked Road to Dublin" VA IRISH TRADITIONAL MUSIC
Jean Redford "Children's Song in Lallan's Scots" VA CELTIC MOUTH MUSIC
Robert Wyatt "I'm A Believer" VA UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED Vol. 2

Metamorphosis "Unterm Teppich" METAMORPHOSIS
The Beatles "What Goes On" RUBBER SOUL
Ron Geesin & Roger Waters (excerpts) MUSIC FROM THE BODY
Kevin Ayers & The Whole World "May I" SHOOTING AT THE MOON
The Mothers of Invention "Uncle Meat / King Kong" LIVE AT THE ARK, BOSTON 1968
Clinic "The Majestic" RETURN OF EVIL BILL ep
ST 37 "Ghosts of Tempera Nymphs" THE INVISIBLE COLLEGE
Fountains of Wayne "I've Got A Flair" S/T

Kim Fowley "Sex With Strangers" MICHIGAN BABYLON
Roxy Music "Re-Make/Re-Model" S/T
Datblygu "Jazzffyk a gemau fideo (Jazzfuck & Videogames)" LIBERTINO
Sam & Valley "Polly Put the Kettle On" TORSO
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine "Alternate Title" BLOODSPORT FOR ALL
Janis Joplin "Cry Baby" PEARL

Psychic TV "In The Nursery" DREAMS LESS SWEET
Lydia Kavina "Voice of Theremin (Vladimir Komarov)" MUSIC FROM THE ETHER
Hungry Ghosts "Alone Alone" ALONE, ALONE
Dymaxion "Intonarumori" 7"
Morning 40 Federation "Chili Cheese Fries" YOU MY BROTHER
Kermit D. Frogg "Lydia the Tattooed Lady" THE MUPPETT SHOW sdtk

Richard Thompson "Poor Ditching Boy" STARRING AS HENRY THE HUMAN FLY
Connie Acher "I'm Really Sorry" LOVESICK LIP SERVICE
Jennie Mae "David's Allergies" DON'T WAIT UP FOR ME
Pinkie Maclure "Under the Sycamore Tree" FROM MEMORIAL CROSSING
Steve Martin & Bernadette Peters "Tonite, You Belong to Me" THE JERK

Hawkwind "Interstellar Overdrive" THE PINK FLOYD ENCYCLOPAEDIA acc. cd

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