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Playlist for June 2nd, 2000

Commodifying Our Art, With Little Lars U.

Don Baker "Theme form The Apartment" THE SOUND OF 94 SPEAKERS
Donner Party "Are You in Tune With Yourself?" COMPLETE RECORDINGS 1987-1989
Blue Sky Boys "Down on the Banks of the Ohio" V/A HARRY SMITH ANTHOLOGY Vol. 4
Lars Ulrich Speaks (mp3)
Echoboy "Broken Hearts" VOLUME 1
Myles of Destruction "She Bop" THAT BOY HAS PROBLEMS
Echoboy "Walking" VOLUME 1
Carnival of Coal "Maniac" FRENCH CAN CAN
The Frogs "Billy" (personal cassette - unavailable)

Glide "Valentina Tereshkova" :PERFORMANCE
Iran "Crickets / Spherical Cockpit" IRAN
Lou Barlow "Heavy Foot and the Germ Resurrection - pt 2: Skipping" SUBSONIC 6, w/ Rudy Trouve'
Maquiladora "Bueno mis Amigos" WHITE SANDS
The Glove Compartment "The Cowboy Meets the Cobra" LOOK AT THAT FILM
Stump Tone "Vesuvius" STUMP TONE
Chris Speed Trio "Skipping Really High" IFFY

Planetarium "The Wonderland Song" split 7" w/ Gang Wizard
Cro Magnon "Fantasy" ORGASM
w/ Dr. Murray Banks (excerpts) JUST IN CASE YOU THINK YOU'RE
Judy Garland (excerpts) JUDY SPEAKS
Tape Beatles "You Have to Participate / Grave Implications" THE GRAND DELUSION
Calvin, Don't Jump! "Accordion Song" CRYSTAL CLEAR MISSISSIPPI
Home "So Much Love" XIV
The Essex Green "Saturday" EVERYTHING IS GREEN
Connie Acher "Sunny Day" LOVE SICK LIP SERVICE
David Bowie "Watch That Man" ALADDIN SANE
Piero Umiliani "Mood Indigo" ODE TO DUKE ELLINGTON

Raymond Scott Orchestrette "Little Miss Echo" PRESENTING....
Laurent Garnier "Downfall" V/A UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED #2000.4
Ensemble (untitled) SKETCH PROPOSALS
Bonnie Prince Billy "The Eagle & The Hawk" V/A TAKE ME HOME: A Tribute to John Denver
Richard Davies "Stars" BARBARIANS
delgados "Knowing When to Run" THE GREAT EASTERN
Josh Seib & Satellite 66 "Evasive Flowers Die by the Hour" IT SEEMS LIKE....

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