Scott Williams

Friday afternoons 3PM - 6PM

Playlist for May 5th, 2000

Light & Dark, Birth & Death

Dreamies "Program 10 Songs: Sunday Morning Song, The User" DREAMIES
Ken Field "Pictures of Motion" PICTURES OF MOTION
Michael Mantler "The Hapless Child" THE HAPLESS CHILD & OTHER INSCRUTABLE STORIES (by Edward Gorey)
John Denver "Mother Nature's Son" ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH

Egypt is the Magic # "Sirius Transmission: A" HOW MANY PIECES OF THE PUZZLE CAN THE MIND GO WITHOUT?
 w/ "Gashleycrumb Tinies" recitation
John Belushi et al... "Megagroupie / Megadeath" NATIONAL LAMPOON'S THE LEMMINGS sdtk
Led Zeppelin "Trampled Under Foot" PHYSICAL GRAFITTI
God's Grandparents "Daisy" V/A THIS IS OVENGUARD Vol. 3
Amon Tobin "Golfer vrs. Boxer" SUPERMODIFIED
Monty Python "Cheese Shop" THE FINAL RIP-OFF

The Wee Turtles "If You Ain't A Pilot..." THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND
Yardbirds "Hot House of Omagarashid" ROGER THE ENGINEER
Roy Harper "Sgt. Sunshine" FOLKJOKEOPUS
The Essex Green "Bald" S/T EP
Pleaseeasaur "Tripping on a Psychedelic Daydream" AS SEEN ON TV
The Machine Gun TV "Tell Me" V/A LIVE FROM THE DEVIL'S TRIANGLE Vol. 2 (Live @ KFJC)
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci "Flu Music" POODLE ROCKIN' EP
Aspera ad Astra "Good Beat Down" LILYS / ASPERA AD ASTRA split CD
Jeff Beck Group "Beck's Bolero" TRUTH

Pulsar "How Far is Up?" THIS NEW TERRAIN
Shell "Marz's Birthday" SHELL IS SWELL
Steven Wray Lobdell "Astral Projection" AUTOMATIC WRITING BY THE MOON
Terry Riley / Chet Baker "Music for The Gift (excerpt)" MUSIC FOR THE GIFT
Giant Sand "Rock Opera" THE ROCK OPERA YEARS
The MakeUp "The Choice" 7"
Pip Proud "Hey, Eternity Started Awhile Ago" ONCER
Moonlighters "Mystified" DREAMLAND

DJ Cor Blimey & His Pigeon "For Kids" DJ COR BLIMEY & HIS PIGEON
Mothers of Invention "Weasels Ripped My Flesh" WEASELS RIPPED MY FLESH

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