Scott Williams

Friday afternoons 3PM - 6PM

Playlist for Mar 17, 2000

Marathon Show #2, featuring Irwin Chusid & Rev. Dickey McSteube

Frank Zappa "Peaches en Regalia" HOT RATS
Them Trucks "Tookie Patrol" TRUCK-A-RAMA
United States of America "American Metaphysical Circus" UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Tom Glazer "Nice" MUSIC FOR 1's & 2's

The Tiger Lillies "Killer" BAD BLOOD & BLASPHEMY
The Flaming Lips "Race for the Prize" THE SOFT BULLETIN

Big Boy Pete "Nasty Nazi" RETURN TO CATATONIA
Captain Beefheart "Zig Zag Wanderer" SAFE AS MILK

The Beta Band "Needles in My Eyes" THE 3 EPS
Simon Wickham-Smith & Richard Youngs "Metallic Sonata #8" METALLIC SONATAS 1-15
Vas Deferens Organization "Entrees" DRUG BUBBLES

The Magic Pacer "Dragon Lady" DIG THIS DIG THAT
Friends of Dean Martinez "White Lake" A PLACE IN THE SUN

Olivia Tremor Control "A New Day" BLACK FOLIAGE VOL. 1
Begrabniskapelle aus Saigon "Trauer-Sturmmarsch" V/A DEAD & GONE

The Boredoms "Super Good" SUPER AE

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