Scott Williams

Friday afternoons 3PM - 6PM

Playlist for February 4th, 2000

Scott Williams, Beatle-Fugger

The Science Group "Event Horizon" A MERE COINCIDENCE
Neutral Milk Hotel "Ghost" IN THE AEROPLANE OVER THE SEA
Kid 606 "Catstep/My Kitten/Catnap-Vatstep" VOL. 1
Amon Duul 2 "Deutsch Nepal" THE UA YEARS 1969-74
Alice Cooper "Halo of Flies" KILLER
Men's Recovery Project "Working for the Mossad" BOLIDES OVER BASRA
Fu Manchu "Senioritis" RETURN TO EARTH 91-93
Tom Glazer "Nice" MUSIC FOR 1s AND 2s

Gary Wilson "Groovy Girls Make Love at the Beach" YOU THINK YOU REALLY KNOW ME?
Drum Drops -
w/ Conlon Nancarrow Player Piano studies -
w/ (excerpts) FLUXUS ANTHOLOGY
w/ (excerpts) V/A SITE OF SOUND
Non "Everlasting Fire" RECIEVE THE FLAME
Otto Luening & Vladimir Ussachevsky "Incantation" VA EARLY MODULATIONS / VINTAGE VOLTS
Tetsuo Furudate "Autrement Qu'etre" AUTREMENT QU'ETRE 2
Donovan "Ferris Wheel" SUNSHINE SUPERMAN

Volcano the Bear "Planetary Bethlehem / Ruth da Moose" THE INHAZER DECLINES
Nurse With Wound w/ Chris Wallis/Peat Bog "Angle" THE SWINGING REFLECTIVE - COLLABORATIONS 1980-1999
Canned Heat "Parthenogenesis (excerpt)" LVING THE BLUES
Steev Hise "Finale from Requiem for (Un)dead Pop Stars" ORIGINAL
w/ "I Saw it All Happening from Beginning to End" LIFE, EVERLASTING, AMEN
Underground Sunshine "Don't Let Me Down" LET THERE BE LIGHT

Paul McCartney "Too Many People" RAM
John Lennon "How Do You Sleep?" IMAGINE
The Fugs "I Couldn't Get High" THE FUGS' 1ST ALBUM
? "Dr. Rock" CD single
The Who "Shakin' All Over" BBC SESSIONS

Sex Mob "Ruby Tuesday" SOLID SENDER
Sideshow "Slugging a Vampire" SONGS OF CHARLES IVES
Immense "E Flat Sonic Boom" EVIL ONES AND ZEROS

Anthony Moore "Scraped Strings" UNRELEASED TRACKS

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