Nick Hill and the Live Music Faucet: PLAYLISTS


Sundays 8-10pm

WFMU East Orange, New Jersey 91.1 FM

Since 1987 The Music Faucet has been presenting live music broadcast from the palatial studios of WFMU in East Orange, as well as from a variety of New York City clubs.

For many years it was an exclusively "live" music program featuring live performance only and known as "The Live Music Faucet". Since the summer of 1995 it has not been so exclusively live. I have enjoyed the spinning of discs as well.

The Music Faucet was produced and hosted by Nicholas Hill
Past engineers and associate producers have included Irene Trudel, Jerry Fabris, Justin Luchter, Laura Cantrell amongst others..

Although the Faucet has been off the air for a few seasons, Nick still manages a few shows from time to time.

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