Mike Goodstein

Playlist for December 24, 2001

Monday (subbing for bryce) 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.

Title Artist Album Title
go bangdinosaur l12"
fred from jupiterdiggett12"
last timeglass candy & the shattered theaterlive cd
losing touch with my mindspacemen 3sound of confusion

220 volt buddhaake hodellverbal brainwash and other works
track 1polwechselpolwechsel 3

forest gospel 1&2avey tare & panda bear & geologistlive on scotts' show 2/9/01
one grain of sandwizz jonesright now
sleeping gasteardrop explodeszoo:uncaged compliation

partydurutti columnfruit of the original sin compliation
candy girlsovietelectroclash
informationjeff & jane hudsonworld trade
inanimate nature pt 2masayuki takayanagiinanaimate nature

babimilford graves (with arthur doyle & hugh glover)babi music
disc 2, trach 7fushitsushadoube live cd

anode part 3otomo yoshihideanode
etat d'amepierre henryfuturiste

? (papa's got a brand new pigbag?)? (pigbag?)? (a caller suggested that this was papa's got a brand new pigbag by pigbag. this would be plausible given my current absent-mindedness & general & general spaciness. particularly since i own that pigbag record (and most other pigbag records). the research will begin after a few hours of sleep.))
don't worry about my mouth ofela kutistalemate
selianton garcia abril & marcello giombini...4...3..2..1...morte

fred & harry finding guns/for two to four/fancy took them/from the game to pluckintersystems
peanut puppetvolcano the bearfive hundred boy piano
baboon climbs the moutnain...native hipstersthere goes concorde again...
thou shalt not stealglenda collinsthis little girls gone rockin' comp.

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