Mike Goodstein

Playlist for December 24, 2001

Monday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Title Artist Album Title
the ministrelphilip cohran & the artistic heritage ensembleon the beach
comme a la radiobriggite fontainecomme a la radio
open the morning window, the sunshine comes in, the hope of today is a small bird singingmagical power makomagical power

yesterdaylight years awaylove peach & poetry: british psychedelic music
bad girlzakary thaksform the habit
outwhite heavenout
little handsskip spenceoar
soft babiesstockholm monsters7"
the sun a small starthe servantsthe sun a small star 12"

wir tanzen in 4eckstereo totalmusique automatique
can't afford (unorganized mix)52nd street12"
j'obitens toujours tout ce que jeveuxlios/t
allez-zbraer rabbitallez-z 10"
arty o the irst artrah brasruy blas!

point that thing somewhere elsethe cleankfjc 89.7 fm presents the dunedin sound
red asphlatred asphaltcd-r
la petite fille aux fraisescatherine riberio & the alpesle rat debille et l'homme des champs
inanimate nature part 3masayuki takayanagiinanimate nature

she lives by the castlethe feltpoem on the river
shallowheavenlyheavenly versus satan
joy of radiationrichard bone12"
flairbad dream fancy dresschoirboy gas

geneoren ambarchisuspension
track 4yanagawa yasanori & emi nobukodrop pow +
mrs proutfuzzy ducks/t

there goes concorde again... native hipstersthere goes concorde again comp.
micro race circuitthe essential firmament and the elemnts12"
es dar gelacht nisch mehrworkshopes liebt dich und deine korperlichkeit ein ausgeflippter
preliminairepierre henryfuturiste
dragon eggsthomas lehn & gerry hemmingwayfire works

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