Mike Goodstein

Playlist for December 10, 2001

Mondays 9 a.m. to Noon

Title Artist Album Title
otherness bluesun ramy brother the wind pt 2
ragazzo solo, ragazza saladavid bowie7"
plant upprince far icry tuff dub encounter chapter 3
le elephant stompouthudfirst single of the new millenium 7"

track 7john butcher/phil durrantrequests & antisongs
sine wave solo 3sachiko mdebris
do itthe limit7"

do itthe limit7"
bongo partydavie allan & the arrows7"
100 pounds in 15 minutespuritan guitars7"
the dreamer flies backforever amberlove peace & poetry: brittish psychedelic music
marx & engelsbelle & sebastiani'm waking up to us e.p.

waterthird ear bands/t
inanimate nature 2masayuki takayanagiinanaimate nature
just as the tide was flowingshirley collinsfalse true lovers

kissedthe associatesq quarters
i could be happyaltered imagespinky blue
laundrettevivien goldmananti n.y.
left bank of the mindbraer rabbit10"
modern lovesovietwe are eyes we are builders

demolition derbyscientistsblood red river 1982-84
face to facezakary thaksform the habit
back to the riverdamanation of adam blessing7"
summerthe takecan't stop it comp.
flowers and fireblitzsecond empire justice
essai 9semoolessais

seekervolcano & bearfive hundred boy piano
selianton garcia abril & marcello biombini4..3...2...1... more
forsche ohne maske/fellowship of unfrogscubsunart
route nationale 7stereo totalmusic automatique
frucade hithardy's jet bandpopshopping 2
uhuruclifford thornton new art ensemblefreedom & unity

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