Mike Goodstein

Playlist for December 3, 2001

Mondays 9 a.m. to Noon

Title Artist Album Title
nuda ivo malec doppio coro & other works
requiem von ende necronomicon tips zum selbsmord

body energy exchange christina carter living contact
lassitude beyond the implode last thoughts e.p.
the unqiuet grave shirley collins false true lvoers
laundrette viv goldman anti n.y.
bring down the walls robert owens brign down the walls 12"
the 15th fischerspooner electroclash comp.
heartburn the wake harmony

almenrausch bergtraum 12"
menylam pakai pipa udara obeng ungu & jalan buntu with group 1951: sumatran ladies wearing hats outlawed by the government
holy land maestros precision elctro-acoustics
sleeping giant black dice u.s. pop life 12:random slice of life from fort thunder
plastic people dull knife electric indian

green crystal ties zakary thaks form the habit
revhead scientists blood red river: 1982-1984
faith manicured noise faith/freetime 7"
tanz debil einsturtzende neubauten strategies against architechture
journey into love kebekeletrik 12"

cling film sea urchins stardust
it happens all the time biff bang pow creation soup volume 3
pulled out of th air huon amswers to lucky
put another log on the fire the cyrkle red rubber ball

apricot's dream the particles can't stop it:australian post-punk 1978-82
tony goes to tokyo (to ride the bullet train) revox cadets revox cadets/airfields split single
positive/negative positive noise 7"
t.v. addict last man in europe 7"
run the night wicked lady the axeman cometh
crimson & clover aguaturbia psychedelic drugstore

you delta 5 7"
i'm waking up to us belle & sebastian i'm waking up to us e.p.
can't keep a bad man down nomads>TD>up-tight
i love you, ono stereo total my melody
go to rallye rossenstein/szenkar popshopping volume 2
sometimes good guys don't wear white standellst live '65
satan bought me the lost sounds memphis is dead
track 11 gasenta s/t

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