Mike Goodstein

Playlist for November 19, 2001

Mondays 9 a.m. to Noon

Title Artist Album Title
neighbor neighborchants r&bstage door witchdoctors
rapezos kiatransparent
dragon eggsthomas lehn & gerry hemmingwayfire works

hiroshima mon amourultravox1977-79
hurtglass candy & the shattered theaterlive at death disco 9/26/01
come sundaycomecome organization: anthology 1
dirty talkklein & mboperfect beats volume 1
i/eradiantg 11
bell head(harvey's liquid head re-edit)bell head12"
testamentthe wakeharmony

candy girlsovietelectroclash comp.
newskirillan cameras.t
cacophonyslugfuckerscan't stop it!/australian post-punk 1978-82

la roue ferrisbernard parmegianiconcert imaginaire
drumslaurie seigelobsolete systems

my friend suethe lowdownfuck you, revolver
forest children have risenavey tare & panda bearu.s. poplife vol 13:northeast new core: parrallel universe of exterior and interior
hymn 25/the orchidspsychic t.v.dreams less sweet
lady margaret & sweet williamshirley collinspower of the true love knot

waterloo sunsetfastbacksgive the people what we want: songs of the kinks
je t'apllais monsieurmaryreneultrachicks 7
trouw nooitthe mokum beat fivebiet-het vol 1:29 lost dutch-belgian classics

yes sir can i improvise?stilluppsteypastories pt. 5
special worldjeff & jane hudson7"
i fell in love last nightheavenlyheavenly versus satan
cannon-5 super dis moidick raaijmakersthe complete tape music of dick raaijmakers
london lookshafer/richter/hoffmannpopshopping 2
hard to explainstrokes vs. christine aguilerastrock of genie-us
remembrance dayb-movie12"
45A1 streetjohn benderplaster falling
i can't stop thinking about youlinda kayeam i dreaming comp?

seedy filmsqueen of japannightlife in tokyo
music of eveningsyoung marble giantscolossal youth
tumbling walls bured me in the debris with esgliarsthey threw us all in a trench and stuck a monument on top
all over nowxlive at the civic

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