Mike Goodstein

Playlist for November 5, 2001

Mondays 9 a.m. to Noon

Title Artist Album Title
politicsgirls at our bestpleasure!
kaltes klarres wassermalaria!12"
we're bustedsound library production music on the robert hall label
big city, bright lightsmissing scientists7"

exodussavage republictragic figures
f*brion gysinthe pool k 3
vers la lumierexavier garciala table des icones
gaub 71jean guerintacet

julia's dreamthe idstreet to street 1 comp.
touchlori & the chameleons7"
so pure & innocentthose naughty lumps7"
when i dreamteardrop explodesto the shores of lake placid
i'm in love with a girl...another sunny dayshadow factory comp.

think!jasmine Minkssoul station
zip nolancult figures7"
learn to hate in the 80'sbobby soxx7"
hegemonyscritti polittipeel sessions
give me everythingmagazine7"
j 4honeymoon killersles tuers de la lune de miel
my friend suethe lowdownfuck you, revlover

how i wrote elastic manthe fall7"
pleasure of her companyjelly babiesde nada e.p.

haunted daystrembling blue starsalive to every smile
too hot told holdthe ufoskeb darge's legendary funk
sugar, sugarclaude denjeanmoog!
tangernv groep 65bovema recordings 65-66
splashing alongjesse garon & the desparadoesbilly the whizz
light my firethe mopspsychedelic sounds in japan

broken birdwhite come come12"
train you're oncath carrollengland made me
over the hills & far awayshirley collinspower of the true love knot
leave them all behindride12"
electronic pieces #5 & #6tod dockstadereight electronic pieces

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