Mike Goodstein

Playlist for October 29, 2001

Mondays 9 a.m. to Noon

Title Artist Album Title
since yesterdaystrawberry switchbaldes/t
all the pretty little horses (shirley collins)current 93calling for vanished faces
presque rien (avec les filles)luc ferrariacousmatrix 3
always waitingthe paris sistersgrowing up too fast:girl group comp.

trust me i'm a doctormomusdon't stop the night
les filles c'est faitcharlotte leslieultrachicks 1
objeto smi, objeto naogal costas/t
too hot to holdthe ufoskeb darg's legendary deep funk comp.

problems d'amouralexander robotnickfuzz dance 12"
orientawitthuser & westrupptrips & traume
soldier's marchrev. gary davisthe ultimate collection

shizukapsychedelic flashback 3 comp.
here all daytrembling blue starsalive to every smile
transitlinestranist 7"
jack & julianthe bachelor padalbums of jack 7"

other animals are #1erase errataother animals
orion 2000thosehungry krauts daddy!
inside & outdave clark five7"
medium was tediumdesperate bicyclesanother commercial venture
track 7mopspsychedelic sounds in japan
agitatedthe electric eelsthe eyeball of hell
i'll follow you downslaughter joethe pied piper of feedback
sets my soul on firebeethoven 4pschedelic states:georgia in the 60's
eroticaaguatrubiaseeds turn flowers into dust

after-imagesection 25hicks form the sticks comp.
die laughingin camerafinal acheivement 7"
gaub 71jean guerintacet
j-fetrosecor fuhler/gert-jan prinsthe flirts

journey to the eastmike copoerdo i know you?/trout steel
hollow mindthe fallare you are missing winner
track 10gasentas/t
loveyougirldan melchor's broke revueheavey dirt
nightmarewhyte bootsgrowing up too fast:girl groups comp.
thrushthe chefs24 hours 7"
smiling in reversesteve miro & the eyes7"
i apologiseteenage filmstarsteenage filmstars/o level: a day in the life of gilbert & george
blue eyeswedding presentblue eyes 7"

latelyintersystemsnumber one

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