Mike Goodstein

Playlist for October 22, 2001

Mondays 9 a.m. to Noon

Title Artist Album Title
days of thunderseam7"
fabulous friendfield miceemma's house 7"
barbara allenshirley collinspower of the true love knot

the girl who wanted to paint the moonthe bartlebees7"
nobody else is gonna dothe smacksaliens, psychos & wild things:rare & unissued virginia garage 1964-1967
gimme some skinfrank pennkeb darge's legendary deep funk comp.
modern talkingmilchsocial park
malemachine-slightly drunk(tipsy)stillupsteypastories part 5
exoskeletonrodanhow the winter was passed 7"
the 8:17 northbound success merry-go-roundmargo guryan25 demos

guided tour of a well known streetpeter jefferieslast great challenge of a dull grey world
drownersflying saucer attacks/t
brett zwei (plus)to rocco rot & i-soundpantone e.p.
upstairsswirlieswhat to do about them
float my bedloreleiasleep 7"

livinhentchmenfriday at the hideout:boss detroit garage 1964-67
surf cityde fouryo'sbiet-het vol 1:29 lost dutch-belgian garage classics
train from kansas cityshop assistantswill anything happen
different drumthe pastels7"
young & insanemagnetic fieldshouse of tomorrow e.p.

b-2tanaka nixon meetingtwelve inches heaven
outside blastscirculatory systemcloud recordings
i've got it & it's not worth havingboyracerboyfuckingracer
marathonerase erratatoyo presents:the structure of scientific misconceptions of the system of scientific misconceptions
night of the chill blue<the chillsbrave words
i can't look downthe knights of darknesspsychedelic states:georgia in the 60's
girlles sexareenos14 frenzied shakers
self starterhenry's dressbust 'em green
that girlbeat happeninglook around 7"

track 4peter cusaskthe sound of london
my forgotten favoritevelocity girl6 song compilation
breakfastthe patternimmediately
hey hey girl/naomi & merocketship7"
orange juice & velvet underwearintersystemsnumber one
le conte de la terre et de ses enfantstheatre du chene noiraurora
guru in the echoghosts/t

thinkthe sonicsthe savage young sonics
dalai gamaacid mothers temple41st century schizoid man
the trian kep a rollinhaymarket squaremagic lantern
regular diseaseblind mr. jonesstereo musicale
sukiunrestimperial f.f.r.r.

thermal treasurepolvotoday's active lifestyle

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