Mike Goodstein

Playlist for August 7th, 2001

Tuesdays 9 a.m. to Noon

Title Artist Album Title
ceremony galaxie 500 on fire (bonus track)
spirit of love cob spirit of love

in the singing box avey tare & panda bear danse manatee
mandolin man mark fry dreaming with alice
a year in a minute christian fennesz endless summer
four principles on ireland cornelius cardew four principles on ireland & other pieces
something in japensese felix kubin new 3"
copy plastics downtown 81

larner/sugimoto itadakakimsau
five kubish/plessi two and two
le temps aujourd'hui henri chopin babble comp.

theme from the invader yellow magic orchestra s/t
tanzmusik kraftkwerk ralf & florian
agenda suicide the faint danse macabre
dead soul king brothers s/t
tweny-day dreams little fujiko s/t
belly mummy erase errata other animals

dance to the underground radio 4 dance to the underground
vietnam blue robert pete williams s/t
get style & twitch! monochrome set abracadabra comp.
occie lady acid mother temple & meltingparaiso ufo new geocentric world
tune one amm tunes without measure or end
inspiration section 25 looking from a hilltop
viento cruel los sonambulos rock con los sonanbulos

i lost my heart at the fairground glenda collins
play sleepyhead 7"
good morning world momus 20 vodka jellies
totally wired mydolls live at j.b.s' in kent ohio 1984
snuff movie metal urbain l'age dor

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