Mike Goodstein

Playlist for July 10th, 2001

Tuesdays 9 a.m. to Noon

Title Artist Album Title
cerberus, the hellhoundake hodellverbal brainwash & other works
caecilafenneszendless summber

destroy the nations againnihilist spasm bandno record
i am the alter-destinysun raspace is the place soundtrack
a day in teh citywojciech karolakbetween or beyond the iron curtain
i've got just the thinglou courtney7"
film2 grauzonedie sunrise tapes

murder city nightsradio birdmanthe essential radio birdman (1974-1978)
i am a computermad virginsbloodstains across belguim
the credopersonspersons attack the scene
there'll be no room for you in the shelterglaxo babieslimited entertainment

parralelesjaques berrocalparraleles
kumquataxel dorner/john butcher/xavier charlesthe contest of pleasures
vaduz,passerpartout n. 22"bernard heidsickfutura poesia sonora vol. 5
weezer id's for wtsr-1, wwvu, wkscu, wutk, & wesuweezerweezer radio i.d.'s

blues run the gamewizz joneslucky the man
we move through the plateaucrispy ambulanceplateau phase
people keep coming aroundthe tinderstickscan our love...
in the singing boxavey tare & panda beardance manatee

finalesten hansonbabble
stuck 7lugi archetti/bo wigetlow tide digitalis
silenzi incessantitasdayaprisi nel silenzo
ongejaap blonkaverschuw

cut14 iced bearss/t
drowninggraphearcom 1
her hair was longchris thompsons/t
the orchidspsychic t.v.dreams less sweet
n.i.t.ayoung marble giantssalad days
the house that jack beltthelma jonessuperfunk 2
flower of lovebaris maco & kaygizlarhava narghile/turkish rock music
one way spitdebrisstatic disposal (for Oliver Powers)

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