Mike Goodstein

Playlist for July 3rd, 2001

Tuesdays 9 a.m. to Noon

Title Artist Album Title

the ministrelphilip cohran & the artistic heritage ensembles/t
sympathy for the devilsandie shawreviewing the situation
a year in a minutefenneszendless summber

space invaders are smoking grassi-ffucking consumer
talking truffleslouis phillipeamen comp.
les temps aujourd'huihenri chopinbabble comp. (Donna's 2001 Marathon Promo)
zieuwisjaap blonkaverschuw

solid vibration of the surface of concrete ground (pts 1& 2)toshiya tsunodaintransitive comp.
marchetti/voice crack/neotingerdouble wash
alphaalphabet fanaticsalpha/beta 7"

johnny are you queer?glass candy & the shattered theatersmashed candy
fluchtweg-notausgangheutenachtoderniemannheim lacht
en el balcon de ni casddesechablesla maqueta/golpe tras golpe
track 6xbxrxgop ist minee
i must be madcraignuggets 2: the brittish empire & beyond 1964-1969

new rochelleliarslive on scott williams show
fairy talesstockholm monstersfairy tales 7"
hallogalloneuneu 72
mean johnny barowws radio spotsoul explosion volume 1
blue jeansweltmeistereinsam, zweisam
tokyotujiko norkikoshojo toshi

track 11erase errataother animals
on the beachda biz7"
securitythe pleazerswild things 2 comp.
i won't hurt youpop art experimental bandpart one
we've been hadthe walkmens/t
roses for columbusmark frydreaming with alice
13th & senatephil ranelinthe time is now

jonathon davidbelle & sebastianjonathon david e.p.
crashing downthe gift7"
indiepop ain't noise pollutionpooh sticksthe sound of leamington spa comp.
i wanna be your boyfriend(demo)ramoness/t
progressive rockimitation electric pianos/t
eat good beansstorm bugslet's go outside and get it over

theme from lupin the 3rd'80masanori ikeda (remixer)readymade records tokyo
we are karate timmendorfkarate timmendorf 7"
iyi dustin tasin (for your imagination)mavi isiklarhava naghile/turkish rock music 1966-1975
l'amour spacialstereo totalro 3003

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