Mike Goodstein

Playlist for June 26th, 2001

Tuesdays 9 a.m. to Noon

Title Artist Album Title
i'm allergic to flowersvicki & dickyNo. 8 comp.

how's the air up therela de dasnuggets 2 comp.
no me consiques divertirdesechablesla maqueta/golpe tras golpe
abadanjeff & jane hudsonworld trade

action womanthe litterdistortions
save my soulwimple winchnuggest 2 comp.
discordfire enginesfond (thanks aileen!)
coffe pot 1&2bo. jrsoul explosion 1 comp.
ford scampimimokpop shopping mixed up
schade um die rosenweltmeistereinsam, zweisam
happy audiofenneszendless summer

the living toysavey tare & panda beardanse manatee
alphaalpha fanaticsalpha/beta 7"
jgnxtcouthudouthud/!!! 12"

hommage a john cagenam jun paikworks 1958-1979

i can't swim i have nightmaresludusriding the rag
8marchetti/voice crack/noetingerdouble wash
cognitive disorder 4,melancholiairr. app. (ext.)foreign matter, nor frequency carrier
soinnenscheinharmoniamusik von. harmonia

when the night fallsthe eyesnuggest 2. comp.
rosemarydislocation dancemusic!music!music! (bonus track)
make me sadvic goddardtwenty odd years - the story of vic goddard & the subway sect
throwawaymighty mightylive at the bbc
summer stagethe walkmens/t
assortment of lead pipes/ear splliting trumpetsintersystemspeachy
kalter kregschoneit siegtmannheim lacht

pencerenin perpesinigukcen kaynatanhava narghile/turkish rock music 1966-1975
froma 2000nicola contebossa per due
coffein freeohm vs. torul vmini:malt
presque rien avec filles (part 2)luc ferraripresque rien

white filmtojiko norikoshojo toshi

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