Mike Goodstein

Playlist for May 24th, 2001

Thursdays 2-6 A.M.

Title Artist Album Title

charivari remnantmorphogenesisin streams vol 1. (1996-99)

eisendavid jackmaneissen
who said the surface was flatsleepghostwriting

machine gunpeter brotzmannfuck de boere
whatever wordseddie prevost triothe virtue in if
le cerveaumartin tetreault/xavier charlesmxct

noah black arkarthur doyle quartetlive@the cooler
seasons Valan silva & the celestrial communicatiosn orchestraseasons
tinkle repitleshalabi,kristian & st.ongekristian, shalabi & st. onge

breath threadsscorcesscorces
frankie teadropsuicides/t
part onethe 150 murderous passionscome anthology 1:come organisation archives 1979-1981
a safe substitutestorm bugslet's go outside & get it over

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