Mike Goodstein

Playlist for May 10th, 2001

Thursdays 2-6 A.M.

Title Artist Album Title
maladie d'espritdementia precoxschp
bad boydavid candyplay power

who's pimpin whojack mcduffwho know's what tomorrow brings?
supermarket blueseugene mcdanielsheadless heroes of the apocalypse
bloblophases 1972-82
from tunis to india in fullmoon(on testosterone)parson sounds/t
HURDY GURDYphil niblock (performed by jim o'rourke)touch works, for hurdy gurdy & voice

filament 2-2filament 2 (sachiko m., gunter muller, otomo yoshihide)s/t
!/sn2.ai 0853mikael stavostrandreduce
death lullabyrorwilaextereme music from africa
operations of spirit communication 1cm von hausswolfoperations of spirit communications

tow awaypoliceband7"
brittle womenglass candy & the shattered theatersmashed candy:live
splice of lifefaxtrix7"
arcade suicidetrace & the plasticsmuscler's guide to videonics
fireoccult chemistry7"
evil going onterraplanes7"
digital dubc.u.b.s.unart
euro trash girlchicks on speed12"
get up & use mefire enginesfond
my baby's in a comatronicslove backed by force
rearrangingmud huttersfactory farming
long time mantim rosetim rose/through rose colored glasses
how suite it isjefferson airplaneafter the bathing at baxters

indie pop ain't noise pollutionpooh stickssound of leamington spa comp.
the next year, i returned to st. michelledislocation dancehours comp.
live at the windmillmorphogenesisin streams (volume 1)
gradually protection (excerpt)karou abe/masayuki takayangigradually protection

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