Mike Goodstein

Playlist for April 26, 2001

Thursdays 2-6 A.M.

Title Artist Album Title
page9:2 plusammthe inexhaustible document

machine gunpeter brotzmann octetmachine gun
hurtglass candy & the shattered theatersmashed candy

skrubbaparson sounds/t
allurementfushitsushapurple cd
marine showsiichi yamamotomarine show

gift from the deadjoe pottsgift from the dead
two field of the exact same sizec. roseneaufolktales

1derek baileycramps album
live at teh stadtgartenmorphogenesisin streams volume 1
escarpmentnorthwoods improvisersbranches

a man can develop...michael crawford & some kidsthe knack & how to get it soundtrack
the wild man onnyk storyfifth columnearly fifth column:indiscreet music

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