Mike Goodstein

Playlist for March 22, 2001

Thursdays 2-6 A.M.

Marathon, Donna is my Co-Host

Title Artist Album Title
windyrufus harleyking/queens

sounds from the villagephil ranelin & tribemessage from the tribe
funky donkeyluther thomas & humant arts ensemblefunky donkey

lovemargo guryantake a picture
track 3luc ferraridanses organiques
track 2nurse with woundautomating volume 1

multi gravity-2ground zerolast concert
monkeys tear man to shredsburmses/t

vaihtovirtapan sonicaaltopiiri
dentists for micekymatikdar-as-sulh vol 1

nothing to declarewolfgang dauneroutput
savoire fairefamily fodder
j'ai perdu 15 cents dans le nez froid d'un ange bronzel'infonievolume 3

ultra pop'opvladmir cosmale jazzbeat volume 1
supicious childdave pike setinfra red
all along the watchtowkertrad gras och stendars/t
mot thoi da yeukim sinhThe art of kim sinh
intro/cranberry breakdownthe lowdownrevlover II

road to nepalake hodellverbal brainwash

why must they criticisein crowdenglish freakbeat volume 3 comp
la petite fille aux fraisescatherine riberio & the alpesle rate debille et l'homme des champs
lee remickgo-betweens1978-1979
cracked actor?/weekday lovecrushmic woodsangst in my pants e.p.
i hang on every word you sayclearlakedon't be afriad if you want to speak your mind
mona (a fragment)mick farrenmona (the carnivourous circus)
i will follow himlittle peggy machgirl group greats

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