Mike Goodstein

Playlist for March 15, 2001

Thursdays 2-6 A.M.

Title Artist Album Title
holland river diveimpLOGholland river dive

part twoklusterklopfzeichen
automating part 1nurse with woundautomating 1
alexander haigwilma7"
apres la guerrebrigite fontaine & areskil'incendie

benificenttribemessage from the tribe comp.
together & movingmilford gravesmeditation among us
funky donkey part Iluther thomas & the human arts ensemblefunky donkey
father cannot yellcanmonster movie

220 volt budhaake hodellverbal brainwash & other delights
poextensionsstefan weisserpoextensions
dentists for micekymatikdar as sulh
earthchristina kubisch & fabrizio plessitwo and two

poire zmottomo otomo:unlimited XIII
nudaivo malecopiio coro etc..
camera loves mewould be goods7"
at9touch le arabmuhammar 7"
your smile was all i needed/chrome lovergary wilsonthis is why i wear my wedding gown e.p.
pretty issuture7"
how will i knowxxoo7"
i told all those little white liespainted shipback from the grave volume 8
i can'tles sexarrenoscan you do teh nost mustache 7"

birthstoneblack dicecold hands
bright splat (red point, black dot)melt bananateeny shiny

forces of oppresionthe pop groupwe are all prositutes

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