Mike Goodstein

Playlist for February 5, 2001

Monday 11 P.M. to 2 A.M.

subbing for Donna

Title ArtistAlbum Title
il niegefrance gallbox set
ghost of a young manjasmine minkssunset
the orchidspsychic t.v.dreams less sweet

nudaivo malecworks double cd
kimigayo/joe le taxihanayo & stillupsteypagift
le elephant stompouthudfirst single of the new milleniumm
untitled improvisationmusical janeenslive sell out
red leatherpeaches & gonzaleslive on wfmu

ma ligne de chanceanna karina & jean paul belmondopeirrot le fou:soundtrack: bandes orginales des films de Jean Luc Godard
he took her to a movieladytron604
attraction action reactionthe aislers seta.a.r. 7"

hibiki hana maiannis xenakiselectronic music
i got the blood/you've been holding out 5 dollars on memelvin van peeblesrated x by an all white jury
rotatorlightning boltride the skies

when the night fallsthe eyescomplete recordings
beat goes on (live at the mabuhay gardens 9/2/78)screamersin a better world
evolaguatubiapsychedeilc drugstore
linset au din dagtrad gras och stenaryeti zine cd

humans as harmonicstrance & the arcadesurvival in infinity
ijohn cagecheap imitation
seasons part VIalan silva & the celestial communications orchestrajazz actuel compilation
filament 2-2sahchiko m/otomo yoshide/gunter muller/filament ii
schema 2gruppo di improvisazione nuova consonanzamusica su schemi

sylvester orchesterer 2000sack & blumharld sack sigler singles box

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