Mike Goodstein

Playlist for January 4th, 2001

Thursdays 2-6 A.M.

Title Artist Album Title
the flight of the bumble bee - variationssten hansona tribute to john cage 9/5/82

why are we sleepingkevin ayers & the whole wide worldlive at the bbc
sandman's songannie briggsthe time has come
maxi on!takako minekawamaxi on
it's a rainy daysunshine girlfaust
dissociazione secondaennio morriconeil gatto a nove code
intermezzoammbefore driving to the church we took lunch with rick & jennifer reed

a slow painful death to vivisectionists everywherethe rosehipss/t
bloodstained furthe rosehipss/t
kyrie eleisonthe electric prunesmass in f minor
reality is a ghost in my mind (cruelty & terror)henning christiansenghosts & monsters: technology & paresonlaity in contemporary music
aunty mary's trashcanbodkins/t
petrol popvladamir cosmashake sauvage comp.

n.h. endmars with rudolph greylive 1978
live editionsawaguchi/horshige/akita/ohnouterus & human

when he came homecobspirit of love
track 1annette krebs/taku sugimotoa duo in berlin
holy 2charlemange palestestinealloy
titan night (live)z'evberlin atonal volume 1
labyrinth socred for the purrs of 11 catsterry foxauszug

aspketkonrad boehmeracoustmatrix 5
miss surfmesserchupsmiss libido 2000
jog along bluesvashti bunyanjust another diamond day
the carrier linesid hemphill/lucus smith/alec askew/will head
afro-american folk music from tate & panola counties missippi
16daisuke tobaritill the ends of the dream
mobile free zonemike cooperfinding other words
l13-0211k.k. nulldiscoteca plasma

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