Mike Goodstein

Playlist for December 7th, 2000

Thursdays 2-6 A.M.

Title Artist Album Title

in which the listener will perceive that in some cases madness is catchingevan parker & john tilburytwo chapters & an epilogue
spirit of conquest/the warfaremortiisthe stargate

last shade of evening falls 3 (excerpt)koji asanolast shade of evening falls 3

constancy pheonomena/improvisation 990912 4th setexias jvenom

4otomo yoshide/voice crakbits bots & signs
moon overchristine 23 onnashiny chrystal planet

la grand valleelionel marchettila grande vallee
3gert jans prinsprins live
whisperfamily fodderwatershed

lake part IVsimon wickman smith/richard youngslake
acid heart motheracid mothers temple & melting paraiso UFOtrouadours from another heavenly world

up to youcubismo graphicomini

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