Mike Goodstein

Playlist for November 18th, 2000

Saturday 5-7 P.M.

Title Artist Album Title
securitythe pleazersdefinitely definitive pleazers
no reason to complainthe alarm clocksyeah!

im garten sandosaamon duulpsychedelic underground
lovemargo guryantake a picture
no pierdas el tiempolos cheyennespop de los 60
sigue buscandolos shakerss/t

orchidspsychic t.v.dreams less sweet
sweet englandshirley collinssweet england
2slap happy humphreys/t
intensely henna'dbathroom renovationsunzipping the abstract
das quietschende brettostro 430durch duck & dunn
marathonerase erratamp3's

rob a bankpop grouphow much longer do we tolerate mass murder
moveschlaflose nacht7"
she prefers whipsle shokdna 7"

no se porque te quierolas haermanas deoglladosoulful women duets of south texas
tedhak sakingcentral javaneese gamelan recording from 9/5/23music! The berlin phongramm arvchiv-1900-2000
canon 5 super dis moi...dick raaijmakerscomplete tape music
~/pita7 tones for free

sufurrufus harleythe pied piper of jazz
moody (spaced out)e.s.ga south bronx story
everything & moredolly mixture7"

roller girlanna karinaserge gainsbourg box set: disc 9-anna
when the night fallsthe eyescomplete recordings
corduroythe wedding presentseamonsters

lucky theme songbruno nicolaiagent special k soundtrack

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