Mike Goodstein

Playlist for November 16th, 2000

Thursday 2-6 A.M.

Title Artist Album Title
track 1gasentas/t
into the valleylightning bolts/t
master of the universehawkwindspace ritual

doctor who themeeric winstone & his orchestrabrain in a box: science fiction collection
delivreeric cordierhoulque
tack 7repeats/t
the holy statecm ensemblelove central

voix inouesedgardo cantonpromenade d'ete d'ulis nasa
heterozygoteluc ferrariacousmatrix 3

diverted to frankfurtsgregory jones & roy sabloskyno imagination
emanation machine r. gie 1916spkinformation overload unit

track 5miki sawaguchibig boobs
vivre sa vivehijokaidenjoj & junko
pitch the clockgunter muller & taku sugimotoi am happy if you are happy
free action shotwolfgang daunerfree action
nickelsdorf 1drumm/daffeldecker/fennesz/kurzmannthe orange cd
la ronde nuejaques tremblayalibi

poong mool nori & taepyongso sinawisinawi music of korea
sufurrufus harleythe pied piper of jazz
raise up highxhol caravanelectrip
a spy in your loveflies inside the suncactus sky
a lover can no longer be a friendpana bearsoccer star

pacificcineramathis is...

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