Mike Goodstein

Playlist for November 9th, 2000

Thursday 2-6 A.M.

Artist Track Title Album Title
if you don't come backgary walker & the rain1
les erotiques du losfeldlosfeld1
the perefct mansun ra & his arkestragreatest hits

tell megalaxie 500on fire
still pointflying saucer attackfurther
reflections after janeclientelesingles stuff
this is for youjandekstaring at the celophane
stromatolites 2morphogenesisstromatolites

for saxophone with card reed and grated amplification (4/99)james feis/t
structures III (part II)ake hodellverbal brainwash & other pieces
killing yaha.n.p.ultrasonic action

what happened to the old cop setsclancy?pierre favre quartet

the processmr. velcro fastenerlucky bastards
yeahthe alarm clocksyeah!!!
you don't believe methe pretty thingsget the picture
cognitive dissonance penitentiarydymaxionx4+3=39:21
worldviewnocturnal projections7"
your lovelou reedall tommorrow's dance parties
mr. kiss kiss bang bangcineramathis is cinerama
you'd better believe itsmall facesbbc sessions
false intro/remixedthe lowdownrevolver III

animal spacenew age stepperss/t
music for amplified toy pianosjohn cage (performed by juan hidalgo & walter marchetti)cramps lp
temp/closethomas lehn/marcus schmicklerbart

big mother is watching youpauline oliveroselectronic works
near & farharry bertoiacontinuum

gimme aiboprinted circtui7"

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