Mike Goodstein

Playlist for November 2nd, 2000

Thursday 2-6 A.M.

Title Artist Album Title
track 6tamio shiraishialtosax:live performances: 1992-1994

I want to englen youhagler/hausermann/schutzauf der hut
lanquiditysun ralanquidity

comme a la radiojun togawa20th
numro ba beschake hodellverbal brainwash and other works
extractionmasayuki takayangi & the new directioncall in question

live at revolver - melbournechristian fenneszlive at revlover -
melbourne 3stilluppstepyanot a laughing matter but rather a matter of laughs
cat's fluxevan parker/paul lyttoncollective calls (two microphones)
filament 1-10sachiko m./otomo yoshidefilament 1
tempclosemarcus schmickler/thomas lehnbart

para nascer aquijoge antunesmusica eletronica 70's volume II
4:59.48-5:20.27marginal consortcollective improvisation
gamelanphillip corner3 pieces for gamelan ensemble

Osmanthus grangranswalter marchettisuoni dentro suoni
vivre sa vivehijokaidanjojo & junko
materia primaigor wakhevitchdocteur faust
nerve beatshans benninknerve beats

khoomiiokna zam taganepics & overtone singing of central asia/siberia volume 1

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