Mike Goodstein

Playlist for October 26th, 2000

Thursday 2-6 A.M.

Title Artist Album Title
song for a future generationchicks on speedchix 52
pacoladytronmiss black & all her friends
gimmie aiboprinted circuitgimme aibo
music for girlsbaxendaleyou will have your revenge

heterozygoteluc ferrariacousmatrix 3
scratch the sundadamahthis is not a dream
cindy tells medean robertsand the black moths play the grand cinema

feldstarke 2thomas lehnfeldstarken
rainforest II/mureaudavid tudor/john cagerainforest/mureau

revolutionspacemen 3playing with fire
bus driverjumpin willie & the beans7"
fleeing the valley of the whirling kniveslightning bolts/t
hello heartache-goodbye lovelittle peggy marchgreatest hits
dog without a collar (run over red rover)the locusts/t
intro/into the groovy groovthe lowdownrevolver II
do the dramaticle shokwe are electrocution

transmissionjoy divisioncomplete bbc sessions
it's somebody's birthday todaydesperate bicyclesanother commercial venture
trupe est sine crine caputmodulo 1000nao fale come paredes

lords of lighthawkwindspace ritual
la roue ferrisbernard parmegianiconcert immaginaire
sarcelles c'est l'avenirred noisesaracelles-locheres
la voyelle liquidele quan ninh/gunter mullerle voyelle liquide
groove room (for swingers only)mansfield (with yukari fresh)6 complexions of mansfield

lesson 3003 (part 1)pizzicato fivesushi 4004

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